Guided Relaxation Projectile - Ultimative Chakra-Opening Mind-Enhancing Soul-Defrosting Deep Chillout Lullaby and Meditation Set

This set will help to softly put your baby to sleep, and at the same time relax your own body, clean your soul and mind and open your chakras like an open-door policy. Enjoy the soft vibes. :smiley:

Special thanks to TvMcC for all the musical work and the general support for this project!
Thank you all for listening!

General sources for tracks:

  • OST of Secret of Mana (Hiroki Kikuta) and remixes
  • OST of Final Fantasy VI and VII (Nobuo Uematsu) and remixes
  • OST of NieR: Gestalt and Automata (Keiichi Okabe and others) and remixes
  • additional tracks by TvMcC, Metaside and Skybar

Full tracklist:

  1. Nobuo Uematsu - Anxious Heart [Final Fantasy VII OST] (Metaside Sleepy MIDImix)
  2. Hiroki Kikuta - I Closed My Eyes [Secret of Mana OST] (Metaside Sleepy Medley)
  3. Hiroki Kikuta - Spirit Of The Night [Secret of Mana OST]
  4. Eiko Nichols - Celes’s Theme [Original by Nobuo Uematsu; Final Fantasy VI OST]
  5. Keigo Hoashi - Treasured Times [NieR: Automata OST]
  6. Metaside - Martins First Lullaby
  7. Hiroki Kikuta - A Wish… [Secret of Mana OST]
  8. TvMcC x Metaside - Sleep More
  9. Metaside - Martins Fourth Lullaby
  10. Video Game Piano Players - Dear To The Heart [Original by Nobuo Uematsu; Final Fantasy VII OST]
  11. Hiroki Kikuta - Fond Memories [Secret of Mana OST]
  12. Keigo Hoashi - Vague Hope [NieR: Automata OST]
  13. Daigoro789 - Celes’s Theme [Original by Nobuo Uematsu; Final Fantasy VI OST]
  14. Metaside - Martins Third Lullaby
  15. TvMcC - Space Drool in D minor
  16. Keiichi Okabe - Peaceful Sleep [NieR: Automata OST]
  17. Metaside - Martins Second Lullaby
  18. Skybar - Children (Miami Sunset Lounge Version)
  19. TvMcC - Ugu2 Fruit
  20. Rozen & Reven - Song of Devola & Popola [Original “Song Of The Ancients” by Keichi Okabe; NieR: Gestalt OST]
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I love the Secret of Mana. When I was a kid, my brother and I rented it from a Safeway and played it two player over the weekend. The game was so fun and awesome, we decided on Sunday to play hookie on Monday so that we could play the game more. Then, on Tuesday, we played hookie again. We continued playing hookie, and skipped a week of school so that we could play and beat the game lol. On Friday, my parents decided I was ok, so I had to go back to school, but my brother was able to pull another day. We did indeed beat the game, as well as finding a trick in one of the final levels that allowed you to get many of the final weapon upgrades.

I love that game. Afterwards, my brother ended up buying me a copy for my birthday. I think that was when I was in third grade (my brother would’ve been in seventh).

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Thanks for sharing that IO! The game is very close to my heart for sure. The music really was sometihng special for me, and still is. It was one of the two games I imported from the USA and played in English (the other was Final Fantasy VI) directly after seeing some screenshots with the wonderful woodland/ruins settings.

Btw, I felt reminded of Secret of Mana when I played Nier: Automata recently. It has a similar sense of a bit sad but wonderful and mysterious beauty in world setting, graphics and music…

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It’s just such a good play through, cool characters, areas of the world, puzzles and places that are hard to find (I always get stuck whenever I start a new game trying to find the girl/finding the witch’s castle).

I may have to check out Neir: Automata, thanks for the tip!

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Yeah it had really memorable characters even though there was not that much dailogue. One of my fav scenes was walking into the subway train station first time… gave it an epic sense of postapocalyptic madness… and the crazy music in the ruins was really awesome as a contrast to the softer tracks…

I have to say though, it’s much less colorful (not sure that is the best term).

I just came to check this thread as from the title I assumed it was spam.

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Sorry for the disappointment :smiley:
And thank you for your service! ^^

spam! :frowning:

@metaside, one part I remember is where you’re trying to get into this place where there are these channels of water flowing down, blocking your path. My brother and I were on the level, and were trying to for a long time trying to figure out how to get past them. I, as the younger brother, normally just kinda let him do all the hard stuff lol but we’d been stuck there for a couple hours or something, just trying to get past these channels, and my brother was kinda getting mad, but I, as always, was just messing around, but then I was kinda looking to try some different things, and I ended up swiping at some of these things on the walls, which turned out to be switches for the water! When I turned it off, my brother flipped out, he was like, “You got it! You got it!! If you weren’t my brother I’d kiss you!” one of the rare times as kids that I felt appreciated lol but it was pretty cool.

Also, true about the dialog tho. The main characters really didn’t talk a whole lot. Right. lol

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Haha yeah, I remember that part! Took me a while to figure that out, too… Cool that you had someone to play it with in your family! I was mostly playing alone, and IIRC only one of my friends even liked the game. My older sister didn’t care for video games in general and my parents thought of most games as being way too violent, and that included beating up Rabites :wink:

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