GTA V - UPDATE Would not run on my rig

Hi guys been looking into GTA V and on offer, only thing is no idea what I am doing and should get.
Looking at Grand Theft Auto V on Steam
and considering the
Buy Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Online Edition
as only £4 more than the Grand Theft Auto V

or would that be a mistake? :hot_face:

Thanks guys.

Ah, I can’t look at it right now at work. I would say it depends on how much you expect to play online. The game is completely worth it for the singleplayer alone, but I thought I would play more of the online than I actually did. I assume the premium edition is going to come with enough credit to build yourself a nice base and have a decent choice of vehicles in the online mode if you’re planning on trying that out. You can always get more, but bear in mind that the online community is mostly going to have a head start on you, so that bonus start could help in a big way. FWIW, the online isn’t all that fun by yourself as most of the big payout missions are co-op, so you really need some friends you can link up with to get the most out of it. I haven’t played much online in years, so that didn’t work out for me. But like I said, the singleplayer alone is worth the price of entry.

Thanks Whitey, appreciate your input and yes I went online and grebbed some shark points so $8M odd to get going, no idea what thats worth buy Im happy as still 50% of what the game was a year or so go.

Had to refund it in the end. No matter what it would not launch on my Windows10 system. Loads of workaround and fixes applied without any joy; DirectX install, Medi Player Pack install, Driver updates, Check Cache etc.
In the end I gave up and got money back, which is a shame was hoping to play it. NVM we move on.

Lots of waffle code in the log, never ever resolved

I’ve played gta online quite a lot in last 2-3 years. My advice, don’t even start. Because grind is the least satisfying grind in any game ever. To made it playable we just hacked lots of money, over 20billion each to buy best stuff and upgrades and only then had some fun for a while. And it got boring quick. Unless you’re playing with friends in private lobbies it can be fun, otherwise there’s no end-game satisfaction. Also, entire community and “randoms” just suck. You’re always on the edge to get shot/get bombed for no reason, now imagine doing an in-game heist when one dude just keeps dying over and over again. Oh, and at least 40% of time spent in game were loading screens because when anything happens, like, really anything, one person disconnects, you’re been thrown back into a world. It had its moment but I won’t be touching it ever again.

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