Hi there, my name is Carl. I was involved in the South African IDM scene in the late 90’s, with a collective called Mo-Fi Tuesday. We performed live in clubs sequencing beats with Tracker software on very basic desktop PC’s, and playing live instruments like Casio tone keyboards routed through guitar fx pedals. At the time I was studying multimedia and had some animated projections running in addition to us having decorated the club, so in a way it was a multimedia experience we were after (some clips survived and can be found on Youtube). Shortly after this I moved to Berlin and started the net label, Desert Planet Recordings while pursuing a career in 3D animation and Film. I have released a couple of projects under the alias Fremen Production (yep, I’m a huge fan of David Lynches 1984 adaptation of Dune) and some by my good friend ColonelJ who was also a Mo-Fi member. We recently started collaborating under the alias FPXCJ (Fremen Production X ColonelJ) an have some music up on Bandcamp and all streaming sites. I’m not here to (only) spam you with releases but hope to be an active member of this forum :sparkles:


Welcome @CFRMN ! You have a storied past and experience that will fit in well here. People here are very helpful and knowledgeable and there is a lot of great music making.

Looking forward to hearing some of your work :sunglasses:

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Welcome Carl, good to have you here. You’ll probably be quite moist at what Denis Villeneuve is up to as well then :smiley:

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welcome to the forum : )


Sei Wilkommen. :slight_smile: As a huge Dune fan myself, I welcome you to the forums. I am interested to hear what kind of stuff you are putting out. I will use the google now…

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I’m keeping a close eye on Villeneuve’s Dune :wink: but I’m not expecting it to be as weird as the Lynch adaptation. The whole “using your voice as a weapon” concept was unique to the 1984 movie and probably wont be in Villeneuve’s as there is no mention of it in the novel. That’s what I liked most about Lynch’s movie, also the track Prophecy Theme by Brian Eno on the soundtrack. I respect Hans Zimmer but I doubt that he has it in him to create something even half as deep as that. The CG is going to be next level though, I know this for sure as I am working in that industry now.

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Apparently Lynch was very unhappy because he wanted to make a 3-hour mindfuck and the studio wanted a mainstream hit. In the end they didn’t really get either but some of the background info floating around the web is quite interesting.

I loved the look and feel of it all except Baron Harkonnen. In the book he’s a baby-faced predator and the film just made him an icky mess.

Cheers Creepr, there’s a mixed bag of releases out there and I’ll find the appropriate thread to post our latest release soon. Besides IDM I should mention that I’ve also been involved in Drum 'n Bass and have put out a couple of singles under the alias C-Fremen some years ago. FPXCJ is strictly 90’s style IDM though, and probably the project with the most new music coming soon.

Yes, Lynch was crushed for not having final edit and seeing his work end up on the cutting table apparently. There are some great interviews online, one specifically where Lynch and Frank Herbert discuss the movie prior to its release. It gets political and there’s even mention of “others” who have attempted to adapt the movie for screen but failed (probably Jodorowsky). I think that the costumes were another highlight, especially the stillsuites were spot on.

I am pretty stoked for the new movie(s) that are in the works…or was it a miniseries…anyway, looks like some quality stuff from the few stills I have seen.

Right, I think the only official footage released so far is the logo. Some set pics leaked and there was a private screening of WIP that received high praise by select critics. Besides the movie a mini series was announced focusing only on the Beni Gesserits. They´re calling it the Star Wars for adults apparently (that received a lot of backlash). I´m optimistic, but have to say that Villeneuve´s Blade Runner was not without its faults and probably Dune will also be subject to high scrutiny. So many great things came together in Lynch´s movie, from the mess of having recruited a unique individual to direct a block buster, that´s probably what made it a once off.