Greetings from India!


I’m Blueenoise / Lucid, I’m an 18 year old producer from India, I have been making music ever since I was 13 and since then it has become my lifestyle, growing up here in India I never found like minded people and so the Internet has always been my go to place. I am interested in producing a wide variety of music but mainly IDM and Ambient, I’m a big fan of Japanese IDM and Ambient Producers such as Rei Harakami and Hiroshi Yoshimura. I use both FL Studio and Ableton Live but FL is more on the comfort zone since I began making music on it, I am also interested in learning tracker software and already do have some basic knowledge on how to use them. I have not released music for years but I am looking forward to working on an EP project. I am excited to connect with musicians here and share knowledge.


Welcome friend…sound like you shall fit in nicely. Any advice info hit me up