Greetings from Athens


Hello my name is Alex Karelis and i come from Greece. Im in sessions with fm synthesis. If you care my project is ANIMVCHINE. Drone Ambient IDM. you can find me on soundcloud. Its all fm.


All FM? That sounds pretty interesting, actually. Would love to check it out.

Also, welcum!


All FM, like my radio listening habits!

I started out trying to learn FM synthesis. I figured out if I started with the hard kind then I’d learn the easy kind more easily, but that didn’t really work. Now, I know when to grab FM as a part of a song, but it’s part of a balanced palette for me.

How do you find working in FM only? Is it something you choose to do to challenge yourself, or is it your favorite kind of synthesis?


Its my favorite kind of synthesis because luck is included. But not much. I make fm sounds with the ideology of how to make a reese bass. Thus my inventions.


All FM!!! How?


Its all invention-ism. You can try but don’t get lost in wonder.


Can you suggest some Free FM Synth’s and not so free too? What are the fm synths do you use?

I can name a few

Six by Odo Synths - Synth (FM) Plugin VST


by Synth School

by Benedict Roff-Marsh


I use FM8. Its my favorite by far.


I also want F.'em but no money.


Don’t forget: you can always rig up your own infinite FM synth with Cardinal, VCV, Plugdata or others :smiley:


There are also some FM-type Max4Live devices and VST effects such as Slimer and PhaseMutant…


Thanks i didn’t know. Ive used SuperCollider in the past but i have forgotten it.