Greetings Everyone! - I'm Nick, 27, song writer looking to collaborate

Hello there everyone! My name is Nicholas/LeavingTheLoop. If any of you on here are familiar with user Tsachi, he and i have been close friends since Highschool.

Anyway, I decided to finally come out of my shell on here to collaborate as a potential song writer for other people on here. I’ve got an enormous portfolio for everyone to browse through to decide if they’d like to collaborate with me: here are some examples
And here’s my website containing everything else i do.

I write a lot of incomplete story concepts and lyrical poems. None of the writing is significantly explicit in any way and swearing is rarely used. If i were to give a rough estimation of a parental rating system for where my content falls, it would be PG to PG-13.

Hope to hear back from any of you soon!


December 26th, 2019


Welcome to the forum. Hope you find someone to collaborate with : )

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Mah frien


show me your bobs

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Welcome @LeavingTheLoop and friend of @Tsachi :ghost:

I took a look at your lyrics… Excellent! Some deep philosophical musings with a good flow and solid structure. You are indeed a poet! Not nearly enough of that sort of thing around here, which means your presence is both needed and potentially influential.

Looking forward to experiencing your work unfolding in this context!

Good work @Tsachi … where have you been hiding this guy? :sunglasses:

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Thank you @1roomstudio! He’s wanted me to join this website for years. Back then i was extremely shy about everything i was doing. Then in early 2019 something gave and i started making myself known. It started with me leaving feedback on random people’s music on Reddit last year, becoming comfortable with leaving comments on websites.

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Keep going… that’s how you get there :sunglasses: