GPR001 - Guy Wachtel - Nulla Anima

​Glitchpulse Records is proud to present its first release!
Guy Wachtel – Nulla Anima (GPR001)

  1. Midternal (4:44)
  2. Xylk (6:56)
  3. Sevit (5:39)
  4. Extric (9:22)

Credits: Writing / Production: Guy Wachtel
: Guy Wachtel
: Darren Zeising at Millenium Mastering
Published by
: Glitchpulse Records [GPR001]

Released on July 24, 2020, IDM Forms Vol. 1 introduced listeners to the innovative sounds of Guy Wachtel with his track “UNKNWN.” Known for his adept fusion of IDM and glitch, Wachtel's style is punctuated by industrial beats that resonate with a distinct energy. His self-released debut album, Nanostructures, laid a solid foundation for his signature sound. With ethereal bell tones, growling bass, expressive piano melodies, and mid-tonal glitch, Wachtel crafts a narrative that captivates from start to finish.

Fast forward to 2024, and Wachtel unveiled Permutations “Redux”, marking his first venture into remixing another artist's work. The result was a testament to his skill and versatility. Despite technical difficulties and personal commitments that delayed his second album, Wachtel continued to push creative boundaries.

His latest project, Nulla Anima, is a 4-track EP that delves into the realm of randomness. "The EP was honestly a big experiment in randomness," Wachtel explains. "So much sample & hold controlling gating, synth parameters, effects, sequencing, etc. None of the melodies are programmed; they are all generative arpeggiated sequences. The drums are semi-generative, though I added some control to make them less wild and more cohesive. I wanted to create 'modular' style tracks and approach programming more like a modular synth rather than a traditional DAW arrangement."

The introduction of "Midternal" sets the tone for the 4-track EP with its randomness in full swing, sounding like a giant futuristic synth machine trying to start up. The upbeat pace keeps your head nodding and your attention focused. About halfway through, Guy surprises the listener by removing the low end in a stark, contrasting move, as if the rug was ripped out from under you, leaving only the bleeping bell tones. The track then unravels into a basic drumbeat, a unique moment not repeated in the EP. "Midternal" showcases Wachtel's talent for blending intricate synths with unexpected changes, making it a compelling and engaging opener.

"Xylk" opens with crackling and scratchy granulation that immediately makes your skin crawl, setting the stage for the industrial, heavy-metal-like double-kicking that follows. Guy's knack for crafting dynamic breakdowns shines through, seamlessly blending the gritty textures with his signature bell tones and arpeggios. This track is a masterclass in contrast, managing to sound both fragmented and cohesive. Just when you think you’ve experienced it all, the end will have you howling like a wolf. "Xylk" pushes the boundaries of IDM, showcasing Wachtel's ability to merge raw, unsettling elements with a polished, unified sonic experience.

"Sevit" opens with a blend of intricate bouncing timbres reminiscent of Aphex Twin's "Bucephalous Bouncing Ball." It embodies the essence of IDM with its masterful use of syncopation, creating a track that drives forward with relentless energy despite the absence of a traditional four-to-the-floor kick drum. The genius lies in Guy's ability to craft a pulse that propels the track, making the syncopation feel seamless and natural. The striking bell tones add an ethereal quality, enhancing the track's complexity and allure. "Sevit" is a testament to Wachtel's innovative approach, effortlessly blending experimental elements with a compelling rhythmic drive.

"Extric" captures the essence of entropy, sonified and played in reverse, only to surge forward again with renewed intensity. The track's intricate layers unravel like a complex puzzle, creating an auditory journey that is widely disorienting. As it progresses, "Extric" morphs into an ice-cold soundscape, painting a vivid mental image of a frozen expanse. The chilling atmosphere is so palpable that you'll find yourself instinctively reaching for the heater. Guy Wachtel's masterful manipulation of sound and texture in "Extric" highlights his ability to evoke powerful, immersive experiences.

Nulla Anima stands as a testament to Wachtel's innovative spirit, showcasing his ability to blend experimentation with a cohesive sonic vision. As he continues to evolve, listeners can anticipate more groundbreaking releases from this talented artist.

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That is stellar album art.


Thanks! I was happy with how it turned out too. :slight_smile:


first of all, welcome to the community guys !!! this album is nuts !! great sound design !!


Thanks, appreciate that. :slight_smile:

The EP is officially out today! Hope you guys enjoy it. :slight_smile: It was fun to make.


Really enjoy your work @makeuswhole. It was especially fun to hear it come into its own glory through the mastering process.

It’s been a privilege to listen to this release the past couple weeks and to work with Guy over the past few months in delivering his EP to you all.



Xylk was such a last minute addition. I’m really happy with how it turned out though


After a bit of scanning through all songs, my first reaction was:

Wow! This guy IDMs.

Truly impressive work, @makeuswhole :sunglasses:

I will give it a proper listen as soon as I can!


Mind blown, killer release dude. Big ups!


Thanks dudes! :slight_smile:


Got Sevit listed on r/IDM spotify Playlist.


Oh shit! That’s tight.

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Impressive release. This ep is awesome.