Good plugin suites to replace your native FX

I know this is blasphemy, but most of the time when I’m using native FX on certain genres I get mixed results. They seem like they’re really good utilities to use in a pinch, but most of the time I can’t use them for anything outside of electronic because I just end up with a cold, lifeless result. For whatever reason.

What’s your go-to FX suite?

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I have UAD but their certainly not the be all and end all

I tend to use a lot of Softube, Valhalla and soundtoys.

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Soundtoys is a great way to go as a bundle. They have a built in effect rack that you can load multiple “devices” into.

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Depends on what you’re after. For basic mixing tools in one plugin Izotope Neutron (especially the entry-level version) is fine. For effects, I do like the soundtoys stuff a lot, though I’d recommend waiting for a sale if you can. I also get the Fabfilter route if you want to go that way, though it’s pretty expensive to get all of those (so much so that I stick with Neutron).

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Fabfilter (Pro-MB, Pro-R, Pro-L and Pro-Q get a lot of use, Saturn a bit less), Cableguys Shaperbox, Newfangled Elevate and u-he Uhbik (mostly Uhbik-G and -P). Apart from suites, Zynaptiq is awesome and pretty innovative (Adaptiverb, Morph, Wormhole) and I still use some iZotope stuff (Neutron Transient shaper mostly, sometimes the Ozone Stereo tool and rarely the Maximizer, mostly I stick with Elevate and Pro-L).

@White_Noise: maybe wait for a sale, they offer custom bundles and upgrade prices when you already have something and IIRc that combines with sales.


@xSANTAxDURSTx - are you looking for suites/bundles that are geared towards dynamic processing/processing, time based, spectral, filters, or modulators?

Some really great developers being being mentioned , but feel like without knowing what your after bit hard to throw some others at you :slightly_frowning_face:

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I got the D16 suite ages ago really cheap on a group buy. I highly recommend them. Also Valhalla although that’s all reverb and one delay. I’m also willing to bet that the U-he FX suite is good based on owning many of their products but can’t swear to it.

While the convenience of a suite is attractive, you might actually find you are better off researching you needs individually. My favored tool set comes from a diverse group of developers.

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Originally I was thinking of getting a tally of what everyone uses for standard FX, but if you’ve got an arsenal for an entirely different purpose, both would be awesome :sunglasses:

Fabfilter Bundle = Some dynamic processing, with time based as well as filtering fx. many of the parameters within their plugs can be automated directly within each plugin, with its own modulation.

u-he Uhbik FX = A lot of time based plugs, with many side chain routing options on a few, killer functionality.

Soundtoys Bundle = Classic racks redesigned to allow users a conceptual feel for a analog feel. 21 racks, and a effect rack to combine them if if user choose to.

PSPAUDIO MixPack2 = Collection of high quality audio processors. I can’t emeber the other bundles, but they have some others that include their verbs, delays, and multimode processing units as well.

Sugar Bytes Sugar Bundle = A lot of fun toys to play with while being creative, or to bring in as fx sends while mixing. About 14 different toys here!

Izotope Neutron Advance = Helps as mixing bundle with about 9 different plugs. The plugs allow you to shape the spectral shape of a signal, work with dynamics, and have a visual reference for mixing.

Izotope Ozone = Happens to be sold as a mastering suite, but offers way more than just looking at source signals from a mastering point of view. One of the neat features is utilizing source audio as a reference, and having a opaque view of it in the background. Far too many other examples as to how it can it be used on individual tracks as well as the overall concept.

TaL Software - While they don’t have a “bundle”, they do have free! Free time based styleee bumba FX! And a filter and vocoder! Vocoder can be tricky to setup, but fun to play with.

Waves Gold Bundle = Mostly a hard core processing bundle. Some people care for the time based, and spectral processors in it, but meh…The UI has always been very easy to grasp, and the plugs sound great.

SSL Complete Native Bundle = Solid State Logic in a plugin. Plugins that allow you to bring some serious channel compression, equalization, and hopefully but not always mind bending concepts! 3 compressors, 1 mega eq that has 17 types of eq, a phaser, vocal thingy, drum processing module. Got it from old studio, mostly cause it’s SSL.

Izotope trash2 = While this isn’t a bundle it does have a few awesome features…filters, hella distortion variables (multiband distortion? what!!!), filter modulation, convolution

features extremely realistic amp, device, cabinet, effect and speaker convolution modeling, freeing you to place your audio into another space (or object) entirely )

, a compressor/gate, and delay! all in 1 unit? Yes sir!

Valhalla = Also deserves a mention as they have some pretty fun time based effect units.

Hope this helps in your search.

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Sonnox :slight_smile: