GONE - Want Live 9 Lite?

So I bought a Novation Launch Key Mini. I got a license for Live Lite with it. It says 9 but I’m assuming it would be 10 Lite, no idea.

Anyway, whoever responds first can have the key. I’ll PM you.


I don’t need it, but that’s really nice of you. Maybe someone in need will find this!

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Thanks. I figure someone could use it. And someone did want so it’s all good.

@bbb how do you like the novation? im thinking of getting one for travel, but it will replace my raggedy ass old midi keyboard anyways. i hear the key bed isn’t good, so im thinking about arturia mini as well

Apologies, I haven’t been on much and you have probably gone passed this question. I’m not the hugest fan of it, no. But currently it is my main keys. Mainly due to space. The bed is wonky but I think it’s may be more to the mini key aspect and fat fingers. It will hopefully make the move with me and be a remote board when I get more space.

We’re trying to close on a house currently, end of August. Then hopefully all my stuffs get more attention.

Hey, bbb…do you still have that license for Live Lite or did you find a home for it in the end?

If not, then I’m interested if it’s still on offer.

I think RFJ got it a long while back.

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No worries…just thought if it was still on offer, ya know…thanks anyway. Glad it found a home. Been looking for a license for that for a while now, guess I’m going to just have to either buy something that comes with one or get one outright, but I’ve never used Live and don’t want to splash out for it, only to find I don’t like it or it’s not for me.

Anyway, thanks for letting me know…nice one. :+1: