Glitch2 Live switching


While I create most of my glitches manually (tracker commands, chopping up slices of different FX etc), when I play live I use Dblue glitch (32 bit).

I am thinking of purchasing Glitch2 (64 bit) as I actually use Reaper 64bit live but I wanted to check if it Glitch2 does what I want.

I create patterns (generally with each individual effect applied for each different pattern). I assign the patterns ‘knob’ to a midi controller knob. That way I can play a beat and switch through different glitch settings live.

I notice that Dblue glitch2 now has scenes (instead of patterns). Can you assign the different scenes to a midi controller knob?


I think it’s like StutterEdit in that you can trigger the scenes via MIDI notes. If you want to switch between effects with a controller knob, you could give Effectrix a try, but it only has 12 patterns.