Glitch music awm....month of may


Basically come up with your own interpretation of glitch music.

You can do singles…lp, ep, albums…etc…

The goal is to do as many tracks as possible. And to share what you come up with.

As for what is glitch music…

Ill leave it up to you guys to put your own spin on it.



started early… : /

Something more android than Tri Repetae

I already made a second track for this… any one else plan on participating in this awm?

Or is it just me…

I really hope it is isnt just me.


I’m really lazy when it comes to putting songs together but I’ll try to do one for this :heart:


Awesome :smiley:



Looking foward to some glitchy goodness.


track 2

track 3

track 4


My settings are kind of shit, I should change that before I make any more of these :smiley:

Also wanted the challenge of basically using my own sample packs like an outsider, so I had fun with warp modes and trying to make things gel together in strange ways


Really like the glitchy bassline in this one! The higher frequencies are clashing a bit with the highs of the beat though. Some frequency-specific sidechaining or a different (maybe percussion-like?) sound for the hihat would have been an idea imho.

Nice work, especially the beat made up of the traditional slow part and the faster glitchy break-like sounds works great imho!

Nice sound deisgn in this! The last part with the great arp is my fav part.


Thanks. Meta.

Also Got the whole month of may hope to hear more from others for this awm.



@bfk just wanted to say I was happy to see someone taking up the AWM mantel this spring… I’m on a totally different wave length and inspiration has been super fickle…


Your welcome. :slight_smile:

Ive been fiending for some good glitch music tbh.


I did this session yesterday:

(The whole thing is kind of an experiment in using stacked envelopes to trigger things instead of sequencers, ended up pretty crazy cable-wise but it was a lot of fun :metal::sun_with_face::metal:.
Not sure it counts as a track, I cut something out maybe… )


This is rad!
‘Glitch Awm 3 Mastered’ is my fav I think. This psy-trancy bass line work surprisingly well with the breakbeat drums and this Clarkesque arrp thing you got going.
Hats off!

(this will accompany me in my headphones at work today I think)


also cool. feels like it should be played on a 360 sound rig in a thunderstorm :grin:

the first half kinda reminded me of this:
AS Gardens need walls


track 5


This is awesome.


Has the ambience of blaergs a quiet strength but with chill beat…it works this track is great.



2 1/2 weeks left…i hope to hear more.



Few more days until may glitch music awm ends…

Liked what i heard so far…hope ppl post more glitch stuff before this is over. :slight_smile: