Ghost stories

If you want to share your experiences with ghosts…

I either was visited by an invisible humanoid or it was my cat hissing/breathing on me at 3am in the morning

Mostly likely a Succubus.
A cat would never walk over a person at 3 am…

Idk but I dont think it was a succubus nor incubus…could of been a dementor like thing similar to harry potter.

Aaaages ago my wife bought a small standing mirror off ebay, one of those mirrors that can be rotated on the horizantal axis to point up or down, or even turn them around, the owner claimed it could have been haunted.

She had it her bedroom before meeting me and at night she would keep if turned towards the wall as it made her uncomfortable.

Fast forward quite a few years and 10 years ago we move to our third flat together and she has space to finally unpack it and put it on the bedside table. First night out and she has nightmares, second night, sleep paralysis and black figure by the end of the bed, third night, there wasn’t a third one as we packed it and sold it to a friend of her on Facebook.


There are some supposedly haunted pictures in my house. You’re not allowed to sell them, you can only give them to family. So what happens is someone brings home a new spouse and one of the in-laws offers them a free painting as a housewarming present. If their new husband/wife hasn’t been informed, they take it and the cursed item is stuck in their house for the next few decades. No joke, if I were ever going to introduce a woman to my parents, rule 1 is she can accept no gifts from them. If she does I end it then and there. I am not screwing around with this shit.