Getter Cancels Remainder of Visceral Tour Over Toxic Fans

Say what you want about his old music or his new music, this is literally the shittiest thing I have heard in a while. Fans booing an artist, throwing shit at them and bullying them online because they bought tickets for a tour named after an album, a tour in support of that album, then get mad because they don’t like the music. What the fuck did you think he was gonna play?


That’s pretty shit but I guess it’s a possible side effect of the “sick drop, bro” crowd. Like you said, did they not even listen to his album, which just so happens to be the tour name.

Does not compute. I don’t know who he is but that’s pretty lame.

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Sounds like he needs a job that doesn’t rely on the acceptance of other people. Accountancy, maybe.

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Frankly I didn’t know him before I saw this headline. He was defo making “sick drop bro” type stuff before and Visceral is not that, though still pop EDM (I actually like about half the songs on Visceral myself). But seems pretty shitty, I know its hindshight, but even from a distance it seems obvious Getter was going to play music from the new album…

And on the other hand, there is that. I’m a bit on the fence about it myself.

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Commence with the violence.


Hahahaha, brilliant.

Getter is a local

This sucks for him, and any artist being treated as such for displaying their art.

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Damn, that’s his artist pic? It looks like he was already crying before this happened to be fair

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I didn’t know a thing about him until I saw this headline, so I"m not sure that is actually him. I’d be surprised if he actually posed for such a photo?

It’s actually his spotify artist pic. Pretty odd, IMO.

His earlier albums actually sound groovy. The fan’s dismay is almost justifiable here. Maybe he will go back and make better albums in the future (where’s that trump emoticon when I need it most?)

I don’t know man, I still feel like booing and throwing shit at somebody because you couldn’t be bothered to listen to their new album to find out what the new tour was going to sound like is kind of shitty.

Being mad or upset is one thing but actively being a dick is another.

It is totes weird that is his Spotify avatar tho…

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Never heard of him, maybe it sounded like shit through the speaker system hence the booing, I went to one concert it was massive attack they played some songs it was so fucking loud I lost my hearing overall bad experience… I blame the loudness wars…also I haven’t listened to album…so…Cantor really say other than maybe some music is only made for listening via headphones…and aren’t booty shakers

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While I wouldn’t ever defend the shitty fan retaliation here, I can understand why. I hadn’t heard of this guy before, but I checked out a few songs off each of his albums on spotify.

His early shit is like, total vapecore-brodrop-dubstep filth - and actually quite killer dubstep, if i’m being honest. I don’t even really dig on the genre but that’s some heavy ass shit.

From what I gather his new album “Visceral” is akin to elevator mumble rap electro. I wouldn’t even imagine someone would DJ shit like this live, it sounds like something I’d hear in a mall.

I personally don’t really dig on artists doing a complete 180 on their style just so they can ride on their current fanbase. I respect artists that want to different stuff, but man, change your fuckin’ artist name or make a side project like Spor did, and Spor didn’t even 180 that much on his Feed Me project.

Fuck these fans for being dicks about it, but also I’m not going to entirely defend this guy either, when you build your entire name and fanbase around 3 back to back dubstep albums, and then make a weird mass-featured rap/electro album and try to pass that off to the same people, what was he expecting? People are assholes.

edit - I guess his NEWEST album is entirely collab soundcloud tier rap. Yeah, If this was the kind of shit this dude rode his “Getter” name in on, just… no.

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Can’t deny dude did a musical endo over his musical bicycle and it was a (un?)calculated move to still use his Getter moniker.

Side note DnB fans crapped themselves and hated on Feed Me so hard even though it was literally what Spor was doing with DnB except that beats were different. Aphex Twin fans were a little mental over Syro being “too pop” (I still lol about this, Syro is one of my favorite albums from him).

I guess the thing really blowing my mind is a) it would not occur to me to bully an artist online, b) buy a ticket to a show on a tour named for a new album and not listen to the new album first, c) boo someone let alone throw shit at them.

I agree that Getter probably made a few poor decisions here. It is more the behavior of the fans that is kind of blowing my mind.


He either made a really bad business decision and people called him on it, or he made something he thought was real and imperative and was really his art, and he should be thick skinned enough to stand by it regardless of what people think of it.

Audiences have been shitting on art since there’s been such a thing. I have a hard time considering anyone a real artist who hasn’t been jeered/hecked/booed/had feces flung at them at least once. Seriously, this kid strikes me as someone who collected one too many participation ribbons in high school before venturing out into the big, bad world.


Well, as per reddit on this similar topic - this is interesting to hear.

This whole thread is actually pretty interesting. To hear from fans, about their experiences with his performances on tour. Seems lame as shit, that he was just playing the album front to back. Most of the people here actually liked the music, hated the performance, it seemed.


oh wow, I’m defo going to dig into that, I was going to give the dude a little bit of a chance…but as someone who actually puts care into making a interesting DJ set, I gotta call bullshit on that

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I think his fan mitchell would be bummed


have to say I’ve had a total turn around after reading that reddit shit Nostromer posted. Weak sauce yo.