Generative music techniques:algorithms AI and stuff

I’ve only dabbled in pure data…was wondering how if any incorporate generative patches…such as implementing stuff like euclidean rhythms…I dont even know what euclidean rhythms are…but anyways…

I assume I could do similar stuff in FL via patcher…synth maker… and using the formula controller and implement controlled randomness

Just wanna do thing quicker so I dont have to spend days doing stuff manually

Euclidean rhythms aren’t very generative actually. They’re rather structured. Algorithmic sure but highly predictable and rigid unless under some type of modulation. For generative stuff in software you should have a look at numerology. It’s been around for a while, not exactly cutting edge but you can get a lot done using it.


Interesting…I will look into numerology…I hope its freeware…having trust issues with using my card online to pay for stuff these days… tbh

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Reviving a stone cold dead post to say Pure Data is awesome for algorithmic and generative stuff. I can’t say I’m a serious programmer with it, but I do use Automatonism and it’s really approachable if you’ve used any sort of visual modular system like Reaktor, VCV, Nord, etc. I can’t recommend it enough.

If anyone has any others to share, or some methods they like using, I’d definitely be curious to hear them and maybe get a thread about it going again (unless there’s another one that’s active, in which case, please do share).

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