Sup. I’m new to this forum, but not new to the internet. Oh boy, have i netted once or twice


Lol. Nice. Welcome to the forum.

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Cracking opener :clap::clap:

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Howdy. :raising_hand_man: What brought you to our dark corner of the web? What sort of music are you making, or want to make?

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Hi. I saw this place mentioned on a FB post by an artist that i follow… i used to occasionally lurk before the re-design (?) but hadn’t visited in quite a while.

Re: production… i’m currently finishing a project that centres around the mangling of classic breaks samples with DSP jungle flavours…

Re: want to make, once this is done i’ll sell the digitakt and focus on making some more digital stuff again.



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Welcum. I just netted as well

I thought the first rule of IDMf was you don’t post about IDMf…
Oh well, I guess it’s welcome then…

I too have netted over my desk a time or two. And welcome.