Gamers... what are you playing?


Ugh, I tried to start a new campaign of Skyrim but it glitched and I couldn’t save the game. I’ll have to re-install and try again bleh


Took the dive into Escape from Tarkov.

As a long time EVE online player (thankfully I quit) - I heard this was basically the EVE of FPS.

They weren’t kidding… I’m scared… and confused… and often left bleeding out of my stomach.

10/10 will raid again


I didn’t play games for years, and a friend introduced me to Hell Let Loose, I finally bought it and I played a lot, it’s completely awesome.

It really feels great, and while it’s in early access, it’s already a whole game, with a lot of things to perfect and to add, but I’m really happy to play it.

He had to convince me, I don’t like war games usually. I prefer RPGs, hack’n’slash, or weird games.

Walk twenty minutes to make an outpost. Build it. Die from reco squad randomly walking towards you. Outpost destroyed. Walk twenty minutes in another point. When you arrive you have to redeploy on defence. You redeploy and instant die because of artillery. Defence ok. And you walk to build an outpost behind attack point. And your team cap the point and win the game before you can actually shoot somebody. Awesome x)

Besides supporting role, some games I just take a tank or a Browning and I go with the muscle. In fact, there’s a gameplay/situation for every type of player. You can do the artillery and not move at all. You can have 100 kills in an assault team. You can nuke tanks with a bazooka. You can be squad leader or commander after some serious hours of gameplay.

My friend also plays on a server with people with mics, and a wonderful wish to communicate between squads to win the game. I don’t know if such a thing exists in english language tho.

WW2/10, will smoke again


Jolly good opening cinematic…

Much excite!


Xeno Crisis is hard but awesome :blush:


I started Yakuza 0 like 3 months ago and have been playing nothing but yakuza since. On 3 now which so far has been my least favorite but ill still finish it nonetheless. Y0 has one of the best stories ive played in a game.


Huh, been a bit since I checked in. I finished Death Stranding last week. Been playing Civ and I’m about 1/3 of the way through Luigi’s Mansion 3. I want to pick up Journey to the Savage Planet and Doom Eternal, those should be all I need to tide me over until Cyberpunk comes out, which I’ll be upgrading my PC to play (hopefully) with all the fancy options on.

Had to wait 2 years to play the Witchter 3 because it used to just end my computer (which to be fair was about 5 years old at the time, an eon in gaming terms). Never. Again.


Looking forward to this one myself. It’s probably the only non Souls-like I’m interested in that I’ve seen this year. Looking stellar.

Edit: might give original sin 2 a whirl in preparation. Different series, same developers though.


They fuck this one up and there will be blood.


So, I’ve been buying up games on the PS store lately, mostly cause I don’t feel like shelling out $60 for new PS4 games and I like being able to buy a game online, download it, and be playing it 5-20 mins later.

Amnesia Collection - Yup, I’m playing Amnesia: The Dark Descent for the first time ever in 2020. It’s the scariest game I’ve ever played as an adult. Haven’t been this unsettled by a game since playing RE1 when I was 13. 10/10

Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs is included in this collection. It was…not so good. Who thought pig-men were scary?? The lack of an inventory system and the limited interactivity with objects in the game brought it down quite a bit for me. Story is just ok. 6/10

The Crew - Alright racing game. Best feature of this game is that there’s a huge map, a scaled-down version of the entire continental USA. Story is awful with obnoxious characters. The cars control alright, kind of loose and arcade-y. Unfortunately, although you don’t need to buy DLC to beat the game, the game clearly is designed to nudge you into buying DLC. The scale of the map is the best thing this game has going for it–just open the map, pick a place in the US and do a road trip. Think of it as a road-trip simulator. 7/10

Soma - From the makers of Amnesia. Good sci-fi horror themed game. Slower-paced like amnesia with no combat system, just anticipate, run and hide. Not all that scary, but good unsettling characters and thought-provoking concepts in the story about what defines consciousness, life, afterlife, etc. Kind of pricey at $30 for what you get, $20 or less would be a good price for this one. 7/10

Car Mechanic Simulator - So when I bought this one I was thinking about how I missed this PC game from the 90’s called Gearhead Garage. I figured this would be similar. I was wrong. It’s really complicated and to be honest the tutorial was really vague and didn’t help me much. It’s entirely my fault for thinking this game wouldn’t be really complicated and go into the technical aspects of car mechanicstry. …mechanicing…uhm…working on cars. No rating

Minecraft - Also playing this for the first time ever in 2020. What can I say about it? It’s Minecraft. I think it’s the…what? Second? Third? Best-selling video game of all time. The only thing that bothers me about it is that I’m too cheap to spend money to play this online with other people, so all this stuff I’m building will ultimately be seen by…no one. Game’s still amazing. 10/10

Outlast - Bought this one cause it’s often mentioned with Amnesia as a great horror game on modern consoles. Just beat it today and I gotta say…it kinda sucked. It’s riddled with cliches and while I appreciate that your character uses a camcorder as a plausible means of having night vision, seeing most of the game in a monochromatic color scheme hurt the experience. I’m guessing maybe after the movie Rec came out people decided that monsters in night vision were scary? Well, I don’t think they are. Also–going back to Amnesia–I think what makes Amnesia scary where Outlast is not is the fact that in Amnesia the horror is much more psychological, with eerie sound design and the character’s returning memories putting scary images in the player’s mind. In Outlast the horror is just…things jumping out at you. 6/10


The amnesia games are so much fun. Those and ObsCure are probably my favorites.


Yes. Of course.

I’ve played it a few times this century. I like it enough, so much as I get into ‘world’ games. Bomber Man has, not recently, entertained me the most in that vein of things. Occasionally I’ll fire up Super Mario Bros. Last time I got to the first dragon, a rare thing, and stopped short of the axe, and Smokey turned and got me. Collision detection, yah.


I wanted to like Alders Blood but tried the demo and struggled to finish it…
On the wrong side of challenging


Really on the other side of the fence with Baldur’s Gape 3.

Why the fuck did they go for a Divinity clone with DnD mechanics?

I was so stoked for the chance they might make another ARPG game like Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance, or even co-op like DA2.

It’s a sore departure for me as a long time fan, even the original Baldurs Gate wasn’t a pure divinity clone…

… which makes sense they’re going this way considering the development team.

Bummer. I just don’t have time for super hardcore turn based DnD style RPGs anymore. Probably a hard pass for me on that.


I still don’t understand why RPG’s are so popular. If I wanted to run around and talk to people all day I wouldn’t be playing vidya games


You’re on my watchlist, go on like this and you’re xBALDUR’SxGATEx


As in life, in games.


I bought Doom Eternal. I remember playing the Doom 2016 demo and I didn’t care for the glory kills and the pacing of the game. Well, I’m about 2 hours into Doom Eternal and I gotta say, I’m coming around a little on the glory kills. I get my ass kicked a lot even though i’m playing on the “normal” difficulty skill…and the first area or two before you get all of your abilities/decent weapons/weapon upgrades are annoying.

But after you get those things it’s pretty good. I don’t know about the…platforming in the game, seems kind of weird for a doom game, but it does add an interesting dynamic to the game. As for negatives…hmmmm…I know I don’t like the new emphasis on story in this game… No rating as of yet.

I Re-bought Fallout 4 after not having played it since 2016. I already knew it was a great game but I was curious as to how glitchy it was since my memory from back then is kind of vague (alcohol kills brain cells)

It’s still somewhat glitchy, but not as bad as New Vegas–it’s not guaranteed to crash after 1-4 hours of playing. I think I’ve had 2-3 crashes over the 40 or so hours I’ve played it thus far. So I’d say it rivals Fallout 3 in stability. I also don’t like how the story is just…sort of depressing. But still, 9/10

I also bought Doom 1993 (the new PS4 port) Supposedly had some issues on launch but they’ve since been fixed with patches. The icing on the cake is, the game has the original three episodes as well as Thy Flesh Consumed, The Plutonia Experiment, TNT Evilution, and Sigil. The only thing that I would ask for would be having the option to choose the original soundtrack or the Dark Ambient-ish soundtrack from the PS1 port of the game. That would be great. oh and it was $5, not bad for a game i’ll end up playing more than it’s modern counterpart/reboot. 10/10


Oh man, trying to get Fallout 3 and NV to run stable. My brother and I have both done terrible things to make it happen, and after a decade neither of us has been 100% successful. I’ve given up and just play them on PS3 (by far the worst platform for both, but I’m too lazy to simulate 32-bit XP on my computer every time I want to play them). I only have one trick, and that is to not over-write your saves. You always make a new one and delete the old one, because there’s some data that gets left behind when you do that and the more you do it the less stable the game gets. It actually cures a significant portion of the issues just doing that.


Yeah…if New Vegas ran stable I’d like it more than Skyrim.