Gamers... what are you playing?


Ugh, I tried to start a new campaign of Skyrim but it glitched and I couldn’t save the game. I’ll have to re-install and try again bleh


Took the dive into Escape from Tarkov.

As a long time EVE online player (thankfully I quit) - I heard this was basically the EVE of FPS.

They weren’t kidding… I’m scared… and confused… and often left bleeding out of my stomach.

10/10 will raid again


I didn’t play games for years, and a friend introduced me to Hell Let Loose, I finally bought it and I played a lot, it’s completely awesome.

It really feels great, and while it’s in early access, it’s already a whole game, with a lot of things to perfect and to add, but I’m really happy to play it.

He had to convince me, I don’t like war games usually. I prefer RPGs, hack’n’slash, or weird games.

Walk twenty minutes to make an outpost. Build it. Die from reco squad randomly walking towards you. Outpost destroyed. Walk twenty minutes in another point. When you arrive you have to redeploy on defence. You redeploy and instant die because of artillery. Defence ok. And you walk to build an outpost behind attack point. And your team cap the point and win the game before you can actually shoot somebody. Awesome x)

Besides supporting role, some games I just take a tank or a Browning and I go with the muscle. In fact, there’s a gameplay/situation for every type of player. You can do the artillery and not move at all. You can have 100 kills in an assault team. You can nuke tanks with a bazooka. You can be squad leader or commander after some serious hours of gameplay.

My friend also plays on a server with people with mics, and a wonderful wish to communicate between squads to win the game. I don’t know if such a thing exists in english language tho.

WW2/10, will smoke again