Gamers... what are you playing?


my man

I burned out a bit on M20 drafts. After probably like, 40 or so. But now that Eldraine comes out on the 28th… I’ll be all in for sure. That set looks dope as fuck, limited is gonna get nuts.


Look at limited resources common and uncommon set review, the set is just straight up wild


Borderlands 3 - fuck yeah!


I hope that’s the full title of Borderlands 3 :grin:


It’s been almost 20 years since I first got introduced to this game. It ate up literally years of my life from 2001-2008. Now, here we are again… this shit ate up my entire weekend. Some things never change.

Can’t believe how fucking good this mod is. Full online servers and community, too. 11/10 - plus its free if you own D2/LOD.


In my opinion, everyone is playing Path of Exile right now.


I’ve put around 2000 hours into that game since alpha. It’s a life drainer. Depending on the league, I usually lose my life to it for a while.

I have to stay away from that game, too scary. I like other hobbies… haha.


D2 was great but somehow I ended up playing D3 more. Completely on Pc at work during lunch break when it came out, then on PS4 and now I’m playing it on the Switch with the wife…
I do enjoy it’s ignorant and mindless cycle of slaughter/loop/slaughter bigger things/repeat, I only wish inventory management would be less of a pain with a controller


On a bit of a Metroid-vania high recently. Played through Hollow Knight and I’ve just finished Ori and the Blind Forest.

Ori was particularly amazing in terms of visual art/music/writing.

Pleased to see that both have sequels in the works.

Saw that Auto mentioned Blasphemous a couple of weeks ago ^^. Got my eye on that, but I’ll probably wait for a sale.


It’s tough but good, more a platform we than a Metroidvania.

Bloodstained Curae Of the moon (or similar) was a good mvania too


someone call the fucking police, yikes.

I think I’ve put on over 300 hours on Diablo 2 Median XL in the past month, somehow. It’s life. It’s a problem. The same shit happened when it came out in 2000/2001. Kill me


Impressive, that even tops my hours in Automata when I first got it even though I played through it like 9 times haha…
Your synths are waiting for you man!


Fortnite. Min specs.


I’m not really a massive Nintendo guy, despite at one point owning most of their consoles waaay after launch dates to sweep up a few titles in the catalog… but…

I randomly got the itch to pick up a Switch, and Breath of the WIld. I only ever dabbled with most Zelda titles, but I did really enjoy Ocarina of Time.

After about 8 hours into Breath of the Wild I can understand why it’s considered one of the greatest games of this decade. It’s fucking insanely polished and is brilliant from a game design perspective.

Highly recommended for… just about anyone interested in playing games, honestly. It’s a fucking masterpiece of game dev.


Oh yeah. I climbed and glided everywhere to avoid fighting. Got pretty tough in the dungeons though. Never finished it, but massive respect to the devs for the detail in the world and the depth of the mechanics and how they really do interact with the whole world.


How far did you get? I’m about 15 shrine clears so far but the map is huuuuuuuuuge. This game is a lot more challenging than I thought it’d be, lol.

I’m super impressed this little system can run a game of this magnitude. Definitely development done right.


There are the four titan dungeon thingies. I was able to do the first of those with a walkthrough, but couldn’t get past a second one.


Ah, Yeah I’m far away from doing those. The game gets pretty damn hard I’ve noticed. Not looking forward to those bosses… haha.


Found this little gem online!


Anyone else checking Epic Games Store for freebies like me? Just got Soma for free yesterday. My EG library is about 20 games big now…19 of which were no dollars. I hate fortnite but those freebies are awesome. A few of them I had been meaning to buy at some point.