Future Garage


Time to address another SUBSUBSUBSUB-genrex10. It’s been too long.

So, Future Garage. I’ve been jamming this a shit load lately while I writing/gaming/shitting. Some good deep tracks… it’s kind of a weird thing this subgenre even exists, but I’m glad it does.

Whats your thoughts? some reese bass tastiness :slight_smile:


I’ve been saying I hope ambient stuff makes a comeback in clubs, so I hope more people pick up on this. I’m digging it too.


I dig the big lowpass saw bass pads, always loved that sound in fact. Lots of menace in it, gives these tracks lotta depth I think


Possibly my favorite ubiquetious sound in electronic dance music. Really love it juxtaposed against something its opposite.


Sweet… I’m a sucker for darker Ambient. :sunglasses:


Agreed! the reese bass makes it really stand out. Wave music uses these a lot too. I’m a big fan.


Originally made famous by Kevin Saunderson, Detroit Techno legend : )


I haven’t actually heard him! I’ll have to look that up. I’m curious how this whole genre even came about. I’ve always heard “garage” before, it’s been around for quite some time.

I notice the similarities mostly in the percussion. They all have that weird “jingling keys” or pocketchange type sound among the beats, hard to explain.


Garage and 2-step is pretty much 100% British. Id recommend Ghost Recordings and El-B as a starting point. Garage became Dubstep/Future Garage.

I just meant Saunderson made the Reese Bass well known.


That’s an interesting split. Makes sense though, both are actually fairly bass-driven. Dubstep got fucking insane so fast.

It seems like a lot of future garage really dove hard into adapting the lo-fi beats kind of style sometimes too, which I dig. Maybe that’s just a different twist on it.


Thanks for posting nice tracks.


A few more i’ve been lovin’

(maybe hybrid IDM/wave garage?)





Made a small future garage playlist on spotify, for some goodies, if anyone is interested!


That was slick :sunglasses:


I listen to Klimeks. Didn’t realize that was “Future Garage”


One of my first parties I attended. Great stuff!


Klimeks is more wave/trap - but he does have some future garage stuff. He’s awesome, I love almost his whole discog. :slight_smile: :beers: