Friendly ´Hello´ From "Quantum Bubbles"



I have a few problems with this design. I´m used to the classical forum designs on internet. This forum design looks almost like I´m using “Ableton Live” in some kind of hidden chat mode. Well, but I like the design. Its just “different”. I will need some time to get used to it. So, this is my little “Hello” to all of you. I guess this forum is for artists and music makers, but I also guess audio engineers and sound designers will love it to check out this forum. You always learn something new.

Of course, the basics have to be learned through books and experience, but there is so much to learn. I love producing beats. I learned so much about all this. In the past I made IDM beats and complex grooves, but now I´m more into trip hop. I guess I will try something like a design of trip hop jungle slices, not for tracks, just to study what you can do. I have a massive collection of plugins and I learn every week something new. But I´m not a fan of pushing buttons. I like to see it as a ´study of sound´ because I´m a sound designers of IDM beats. Thats how you can see me, but I also love to make music, sure. There are a few artists that I really accept, but everything can be interesting.

I also like to play around with LoFi sound ideas, but sometimes futuristic HiFi sound design is also interesting. There is so much to study and learn. For me, its not just about making some music, its more like I want to learn and study something. I do enjoy also just listening to music, but I`m a producer, so I´m more into composing my own stuff. I could say more, but I guess that was ok for a little introduction. I will try to learn how to get used to this forum design. It looks cool, but its a bit different. So I need to get used to it.

Not sure, if you can post your own music here on this forum, but if, what system should be used? BandCamp? SoundCloud? YouTube? What else is there? I think Spotify has a price to upload and promote your own music. I don´t think thats necessary. Anyway. I will check out some artists and producers here, if its allowed to share your music here. That would be cool. Summer time just started, so enjoy a cool ice tea and relax with some good beats!

Best wishes.


Hey good to have you around!

The grey/orange color shceme is a holdover from an older version of the forum. Other than that, I think we’re
using off the shelf forum software. Nice thing about that is once you have permissions (either 30 posts or a mod gives them to you) the forum will auto-embed pretty much any music service you can think of. I started out with soundcloud, but I rarely use that now for anything other than sharing gear demos or private sharing work in progress tracks for feedback. I’m mostly on youtube with bandcamp for people who want to download my music, I often put both links into the same post and they both embed and play back properly.

I started out focused mostly on songwriting/composition, then learned more about mixing, then found this place and really learned sound design, then eventually started to focus more on mastering. I’ve gotten a lot of information about all of that stuff here over the years. There are a lot of really experienced people here who are pushing music to the limits in one way or another, and nearly all of them are happy to tell you what they know.


Pro tip: just use Dark Reader

Welcome! Even though it’s not as active as it was in the past, there are definitely musicians as well as designers passing through, and even plenty of visual artists and combinations of the above.

If you want to save yourself the headache, just start with the fundamentals of what you want to learn and go on from there. Break everything down into the smallest building block, assume less, and you’ll get there much faster than people who download gigantic plugin suites yet still have no idea how a filter or s&h works.

Hope to see you around here. It’s always cool to see what people are up to on their own unique musical journey! I’d also be glad to help if you run into any design issues along the way! (and I’m sure others can help you with the music / theory end of things!)



Thanks for the comments. I just see that I have huge problems with the orientation in this forum (because It does not look like a forum at all). I just tried to find the section for talking about how to get a certain sound (and I found it), but its weird, there are no visible sections or anything. I just saw posts, but you can´t know if they are part of one big topic, because you can´t see any other topics.

There is just this one starter post, with all kind of other posts. Nothing else. A normal forum should have different sections, with topic titles, so you can have some orientation. Its just very difficult to find any orientation, so I don´t have 2 hours time to figure out the navigation and orientation in this “forum” or blog. I think it looks more like a “WordPress Blog” with a chat function with a “Ableton Live” design. And thats VERY confusing. My laptop anyway has strong colors, so the grey and yellow is EXTREMLY confusing for the eyes.

I can´t use your blog. I´m sorry. It takes too long to find any orientation here, plus you can´t even present your music if you don´t have 30 posts or something like that. I don´t have time to write so many posts in a blog design like this, just to be able to present my music, so I can talk about sound engineering or mixing, because for the talking, there has to be also the presentation of the music, not just some post with a few words. I can´t use your blog.

I´m sorry.


that’s gotta be one of the quickest nopes in the history of the forum


That we know of, this doesn’t count all the lurkers who never made an account.

Or all the people who google something obscure about the latency penalty of the comb filter in serum, end up here, get their info, and get out. I’m sure there are numbers for that sort of thing, though I’ve never seen them.


Ableton seriously needs to implement a chat mode, but it just secretly goes through IDMF


haha that crossed my mind as i was typing this