FREE Spotify Canvas Marketing Material


Hey folks! If you have music on Spotify, they have a great feature where you can have what is essentially a GIF play behind the song info to give your song/album a bit more flash/appeal.
I have created a pack of free spotify canvas’ using a friends analog “WarpStation” (An analog vhs setup with tons of visualisers, effects, glitchers, etc) and have put them in a pack for anyone to use.
Just login to your spotify artist portal and select the song you want to upload a canvas for.

And here are some extras


Never heard about that options, so thanks for the info! And for the pack of course, looks nice and glitchy, although I’m probably gonna export some stuff for this. Does it have to be in smartphone format or is that a choice since most people are going to watch it on their SP?



Canvas appears in a vertical format to completely fill the background of the Now Playing screen.
Ratio 9:16
Height At least 720px
Length 3 secs - 8 secs
File Format MP4 or JPG only