Free plugins!


limited time only:

I’m going to be going after this for sure because if I can access the individual WAV files then I’ll have a ton of new food for Iris.


nice find. I think I have this already from some other freebee thing. I will check on the samples if you want.


Thanks, I have an account and I have a serial for it, but their download servers have been hammered so I won’t be able to get it for a bit.


Izotope Ozone 8 Elements - Free until…

2nd October 2019


And hopefully you can get upgrade pricing from 8 to 9 when it launches… I assume next month?


Again already? I really hope they switch back to a normal upgrade frequency for their main milking cows and instead put some love into their creative stuff…


Aye. Promotional as V9 is a matter of weeks away. Got a 50% voucher from them on the back burner for black Friday daftness… Although I suspect v8 is enough tbh.


I just got 8 a few months ago and find myself folding more and more out to dedicated plugins, so probably not going to do v9. It sounds like it’s all about bass management, which I like to think I do decently working on exclusively electronic music.


I hate vst3 plugins.


Seriously why do they even exist? I was reading up on it and they say it’s not inherently more efficient, it just CAN be if the dev can wrap their head around it, but it depends on the dev. And they say VST3 may have better support from the dev because it’s newer. LOL nope. VST2 has better support because it actually works and you don’t have to reach out and get help with them.

I’m in the midst of changing my workflow and reinstalling a lot of stuff right now, and without fail the things that give me problems are when I try to get fancy and install the VST3 version of a plugin.


Yeah, I hate VST3, too. I like to keep my plugin folder highly organized with renaming and subfolders and that is not possible with VST3, since all VST3 plugins have to use the standard path afaik… I’m glad all the plugins I use still have a VST2 version, I’m going to resist VST3 as long as possible.

Also, this:


I have no issues with VST3s myself…the annoying AF thing about VST2 (both 32 and 64bit) is that nobody can agree on where to put the damned things. i ended up creating a folder under C:\PF\CommonFiles\VST2, since the VST3 folder is already there. Good management for files accessible to all accounts on a PC, that. Nextly, any VST2 I try to install has a different notion of where it should go, 50% under …\Steinberg and there rest somewhere else…Bitwig can do a few more things with VST3 but tbh I have not looked into it deeply. Maybe a good topic for a new thread there.


Interesting view - for me, the big difference is that you can change the paths for most VST2 plugins (I think for nearly all plugins I am still using you can do that in the installer), and you can switch and copy files around however you like, giving you lots of options for plugin organization that even stay the same across multiple DAWs. Well, nothing is perfect and RX doesn’t use the subfolder structure, but in Live and BW I find stuff much faster since I’m using my own VST subfolders and additional plugin prefixes…



Grabbed that last night. I have some of the other Eventide stuff and I love it. Looking forward to getting it scanned into the DAW tonight, I think I already have something I can use it for.


anotha one



SN01/SN01-G is a dynamic range compression plug-in, inspired by two classic VCA buss compressors of UK and US variety. It has linked feed-forward topology, with highly variable knee, optional internal side-chain filtering and ‘push’ effect, and adjustable wet/dry ratio. The plug-in is designed to work both as musically pleasing buss glue while also being an efficient channel insert with low ASIO/CPU footprint.

Downloads -->!hMkQiARJ!CGTpN4c26VDNNiinzMWgxmdwz5yP7KomopMhbYfrljM


Aalto Solo - A monophonic version of Aalto

GranuLab - Granular synth

Hysteresis - Glitch delay

ChordSpace - MIDI device that makes composition easier


New free vocoder:


Why would plugins be free? Are they free becauz they’re second rate?