Free plugins!


vis-a-vis eqs, I have to say the Melda eq in their free pack is great. tons of really advanced features. their whole free pack is really nice, I paid for it years ago to get all the features unlocked and do not regret it.


I’ve actually just gotten this Delay’y thing…

Have to be prepared for some lo-passing of top end or effect to taste. Loving it so far over my pad/melody groups. Even drum layers.


Can this be stickied?


Not sure if this has been posted.I have Recently been trying fathom mono.
it’s a free download.what i can tell so far its pretty good,you can use your own wave tables as well.(i think)
“Fathom Mono is identical to the full Fathom Pro version feature-wise, except for its limited polyphony and the lack of ability to save edited waveforms. Everything else, entire synthesis engine included, is exactly the same as in the full product.” “Fathom Mono (and even more so the full version) is an impressive synthesizer, and one of the hottest freeware releases so far this year. It’s the kind of synthesizer you simply need in your arsenal if you want to go super crazy with patching and sound design. Although it’s not the only powerful freeware modular synthesizer on the market, Fathom Mono gets seriously close to being the most powerful one. Currently only available in VST plugin format for Windows, the synth will also be compatible with Mac-based digital audio workstations in near future, as announced by its developers.”
not intending spam,just thought it might be useful. free is good!


Just going to throw this out here.

I just found it and I’m about to pillage the farm. One need at a time. They also apparently have a cart system, cash system(virtual cash) and other stuffs. I came for the freebies, maybe I’ll eventually find some other stuffs as I go.

EDIT - I haven’t fully checked it out but it seems to have a ton of different stuff, possibly. Besides effect vsts.


IDK why, but people say they don’t like TAL Reverb 4. Personally, I’m using it as my main reverb on a couple tracks right now and loving it. It’s a little bit obvious, but that works for me I guess.

Ambience is great for… ambience. There’s an amoebe presence preset I whip out on occasion in there.

I used to use epicverb for drums, then I started bussing everything to one reverb bus to save CPU. It never quite clicked with me for full mixes so I don’t use it anymore, but I still remember how good it sounded on drums.


Plugin Boutique? They have sucked more money out of my account that Humble Bundle, and I am a straight up whore for Humble Bundles. The site is absolutely legit, they have good prices on most stuff…I just bought my Bitwig upgrade through them. I checked my “purchased items” history and it is 12 pages long. :sweat_smile:
As for the free-verbs, I have no opinion on the Tal-4, but I use Tal-2 and Ambience a lot. Also the OldSkool verb from Voxengo. Not so much anymore since I bought 3 really nice verbs this last 6 months (Blackhole, Xenoverb and PSP 2445) but I have no problem with whipping those other guys out when necessary.


I created 3 free plugins that might be of interest to some of you:

Diskpiano which is a piano plugin based on a public domain Yamaha Disklavier sample library:

Little Roadey which is an electric piano “emulation”:

And Padspheres, which is a 25 seamlessly looping collection of pads and atmospheres in a plugin: check my website for it.

All VST/VST3/AU for Windows and Mac, 64-bit for all of them and 64/bit/32-bit for the Windows VST.


I was looking for a bit of a change of pace, something that would add just a little oomph to my arsenal, and smacklabs kept coming up in terms of free vintage EQs. I didn’t see this one on any lists anywhere, but I saw a demo of it and it was doing exactly what I wanted for kick drums (my ideal kick sound is “Face to Face” by Daft Punk). So I gave it a download and yes, it sounds great. I got the rest of their stuff too, but only played around with this and the matching compressor (also pretty good) last night. If you have a good way to host 32-bit plugins on windows (thankfully FL Studio auto-wraps 32-bit plugins), then it’s definitely worth a shot. Their demo does not do this, or any of their processors, justice.


Nice effects and instruments FREE that i use:

chatlatan with OSC sync

and also i use this reverb

of course i use payed vstis but I will not publish them here
ps free fm synth for house basslines


Nice, I’m a big fan of Charlatan. Great synth for basic sounds but you can get to surprising places with it. I’ve been using it to do my basses lately.


I’ve enjoyed these free effects, particularly the leslie rotary speaker. User interface is lacking to say the least, but they sound good:


honestly i don t like this synth, I mainly used charlatan because osc sync. i am surprised that all people find this synth cool:grinning::sunglasses::grin::sunglasses:


LibreArp is a VST-compatible free-form pattern arpeggiator.


sorry guys. i dropped the idmf ball for far too long. too much shit going on in my life right now and ive let this place slip. now ive got hundreds of links to add to the OP.
i still love you guys! <3


Buffer override

Edit :
the pitchshifter i use is
"pitchshifter" by robin schmidt i think its free…ircc
its like a simpler version of paulstretch

also i had the macomate vst before i purged everything (some kind of comb filter/delay reverb type of thing)

probably on kvr somewhere


POsting this here. Free from waves for FL users till the 1st Aug.
Actually appears you dont need FL so slap yourself up with some Metafilter


Transient shapers


Not sure if this has been mentioned here, and I expect most of you to have more than enough delay plugins, but this one is pretty nice, free and has a built-in ducking option. :duck:


Free filter
This plugin has 8 types of filters:

  • Lowpass
  • Highpass
  • Bandpass
  • Notch
  • Allpass
  • Peaking
  • Low-Shelf
  • High-Shelf