Free iOS Photo/Image Layering App?

I’m a bit of Luddite when it comes to mobile apps…the gift shop I work for sells a lot of locally made crafts and we are looking for an easy way to drop a “shop local” type graphic in the corner of many of the photos we post. The owner and I can both do it in Photoshop, but we usually just snap pictures on our phones and do it all right at the store.

An inexpensive (less than $10?) app would probably be OK too.

Easier the better. We’d like to make the logo once and drop it on top of photos. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

thanks fam!

Pixlr editor

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I either have a different Pixlr product or didn’t dig far enough into it. I’ll have another look. Thanks!

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Clip Studio should work, I can’t tell how much it actually costs from a google search but that thing will probably do it all.

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Thanks. The owner probably wouldn’t mind spending a few dollars. (I’ll check it out before buying ;p )