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It’s probably not a bad thing that things like that were lost in the great IDMf server crash.

Greetings :)

Honestly so much shit was posted on the old idmf everyone did it…so benwaa did the right thing in hitting reset button…but fuck…man the forum just got fucked again…because of the same old issue and the same arguements…imo the only thing this forums got going for it is the label and the beat battles I hate to be that guy but it needed to be said…and no one isnt sharing any of their music because their too afraid of being called out over this stupid idea of coming across as a damn poser which is fucking nonsense or having their music criticised…I mean yea the creative process is complete trial and error…not for nothing ever since like 10years ago music has become so saturated with gimmicky marketing bs in trying to paint different kinds of music with cool sounding genre names…how about instead of idm we call it electronic music because the name idm we can all agree sounds pretentious even the so called lord of idm aphex twin says so…I have nothing against tech house or bass music, or even music with aggressive drums…what isnt needed is 50 shades of the flavor of strawberry ice cream…

Shit like this is why I dont like flexing my asshole…

I mean come on…

The fucked up thing is that I’m not even trying to be dick…I’m just calling it like I see…

Also I’ve run out of ideas to help this forum…I’m so not rage quitting, but the fucking you tag even though funny as fuck was a real bad idea…if you had a personal gripe with one fucking user go mano e mano via dm dont be beat around the bush trying to single out one guy for the stupidity of a select few idiots…not for nothing I totally respect anyone that can do both be successful musician while also holding a steady job…because lets face being a starving artist nowadays is just not practical.

Also please dont be insulted by this post.

And welcome back…stranger.


I really liked the [you] tag, I baited a lot of people into the idmf chat with it lol


Hey guys I moved this so it wouldn’t be in that new member’s intro thread lmao. I don’t necessarily disagree and am fine with having a very frank discussion about the forum and netlabel with the members. RFJ and I have been talking about conducting a poll in regards to some of the issues brought up here.


Is this actively happening in the LB? Personally, as far as sharing music there are multiple things going on with myself. I’m not making any for the most part. But I’m 38 and have been doing this a long time now. I just have a list of people I hit up when I need feedback, people I’ve got a report with and know what I’m looking for in a critique. The forum just isn’t the way I communicate with most of them.

As far as forum activity in general, I try to pop in and comment on the “producing 101” threads but I’ve done all those topics absolutely to death. I do my off topic bullshitting over DM with people these days–and I think the medium is the message and that is one big problem with the forum. No one cares about forums anymore.

I was a huge forum rat in the 90s and into the early 00’s. So I’m nostalgic about the format but it just doesn’t appeal to me anymore.

Everyone on the forum is probably tired of hearing me say it but community members are welcome to start any kind of project they want. I’m willing to back almost anything with what technical support I am able to give. It was a long time coming but we just made @IO_Madness a mod to facilitate the Beat Battles.

If someone came up with a cool project and wanted to run it I would happily mod you today w/o asking anyone else.

I have as much free time as I have and I’m just not willing to dedicate more than I do to the forum. Which is exactly where everyone else stands. If everyone did just a little bit–IO being a mod just to take care of simple tasks for the BB is a great example–I think the forum would slowly get more active. Like if someone wanted to do like even a monthly or quarterly Best of the LB or something or like a 15 minute podcast once a month where they play some community submitted tunes and talk about them for a tick. Whatever it is.

Edit: To be completely honest I think small, low-effort projects are the best ideas because they are the ones most likely to be high quality and will be followed through with consistently. On the other side of things, I’m not going to listen to a 45 minute weekly podcast of community submitted tunes once a week. I would listen to a fifteen minute podcast once a month though.

It is frustrating because we like this forum for some fucking reason lol

Devotion to the factual. Benwaa didn’t hit any nuke button it was a simple server crash and the newest back up was 2 years old.

We have talked about changing the name a bunch of times and publicly and privately. At this point I think our reach is so ridiculously small we could change it and it wouldn’t matter as far as marketing or whatever. The big issue is we kinda have to change the label name too. Electronic Music Forums is fine for a URL but an utter disaster as a netlabel name.

Edit: You are also correct that the forum is basically the beat battles and the label. There a few pretty active mega threads. But yea, not much else.


@RFJ just tagging you


Yeah, been reading this. It’s interesting how this has come up. It definitely pertains to the larger conversation we were having I think. Not sure what the best way to continue it would be.


Sorry i went on a tirade/tangent…insomnia i got bloodshot eyes a headache and I had some coffee…the perfect formula stress and drugs arent a healthy mix…I mean I dont do hard drugs…may have unwittingly done some k2…or have be smoked oregano thinking it was weed…

Lol…I just saw red and made a mountain out little nothing mole hill.


Ack I has a different memory


Well I hope you are feeling better! I hope you didn’t accidentally smoke some K2…fake weed is so bad for your body and mind!

But seriously, even if it was a sleep deprived rant, you aren’t wrong about anything and this unfiltered conversation is long over due anyhow.


Thanks lebowski your the man.


*the dude


or El Dude-a-reno if you aren’t into the whole brevity thing


Dudeism is a religion that I respect. Even though my beliefs are a little different I believe mine may intersect with dudeism…maybe.


No idea what the drama was, just reading this now, so here’s my 2 cents nobody asked for :smile:

Forums in 2020 are mostly dead because of all the alternatives and ways to waste one’s time. I also used to be a regular on all kinds of various forums, even moderating some… The ones that still exist are on ventilators, mostly. In my case, I just don’t have time to participate as much as I would have 15 or 20 years ago…

Regarding posting music, everybody is different. While I like to listen to people’s stuff when I can, I don’t have any interest in posting my works in progress. Why? Because I don’t want to hear people’s opinions about my unfinished stuff. I do what I like to do and if people like it, great! If they don’t, well, you can’t please everybody. Everything I create is very personal so external input simply doesn’t fit in.

On the subject of collaborations, great idea on paper. Going back to the same old topic: lack of time. I don’t even have half the quarter of the time I would like to spend on making music, so collaborations, etc. are entirely unlikely to happen for me. I am still planning on finishing a 4-track EP this year and I’ve been slacking hard as well as being scatterbrained (I have 14 songs started that I intend to finish). Urggghh I should be working on those songs instead of typing this.

It’s amazing that this forum exists. It may not be as “vibrant” as it could be but good people are on it and keep it interesting. The mods are cool & not overbearing, which is bonus points! There will always be a few people you can’t stand in a forum (just like in any group, despite having similar interests). Just tune them out - only you can let them affect you. Life’s too short to be angry at nothing.


Hey I hear you…

As far as the collaboration front it’s hard to do over the computer which is why I learned to give my samples away for free it is easier to do a remix of samples on the computer…but in real life it’s easier to collab…

Online you have to sift through so much text…look sometimes it’s just better to keep things short and sweet.


Yeah, this has come up in the netlabel backroom as well. I agree with relic on the low-effort project thing being the way forward. It is easy to have big goals and dreams, and get burned out very quickly on the work required. As far as the label goes, if anyone has some idea for community projects where we could get involved or head-up, just ping us. One such thing I want to get going is another sample pack, if folks are interested. The last one went over pretty well I thought.