Font contrast needs improvement


Some of this is literally unreadable. Can we please adjust the text colors to be more readable?



Just use dark reader. Most of us have been doing so for years, no offense to anyone



Like this dude - flagged 5 years ago.


Problem is it’s never looked like that for me on any device I’ve used. Not on my phone, laptop, work desktop, kids iPad, nothing. Just looks how it should. No big orange box. And nobody else has mentioned it either so, yeah.


It’s the Welcome to IDM forums message box, you might not see the big orange on orange box. Regardless, the regular light gray on dark brown is still not accessible. It has a contrast ratio of 1.79 to 1, but minimum accessibility guidelines suggest at least 4.5:1 for normal text and 3:1 for large or bold text.

I’m not asking for you to redesign the entire thing, just asking to make a few tweaks for legibility.

My prior screenshot was on Safari on a Mac, this screenshot it on Chrome on a Mac. If you really need it, I can pull up a screenshot on my Windows machine.


I’ll have to have a look around next time I’m browsing on my laptop which will likely not be until Monday. I’ll do my best to see if I can duplicate the issue and fix it.


I suspect the problem is the background and it needs to be fixed by directly editing the CSS to which mods don’t have access.


I think that is what we concluded previously.


I’ve had a look around and I think those guys are correct. I am unable to find anywhere within the API to edit the background color of those fields. I am able to adjust many things related to the color scheme of the theme we are using but it’s not readily apparent how I would change the background of the fields in question. The API is only showing that we are using orange for text, icons & borders. Background color of “highlighted elements” is set to black so I’m not sure where the orange is coming from.

I’ll post a screenshot in the next post, however…

I browse the forum on my laptop and my phone many times per day and I don’t really ever run into any issues with this. I’m not saying the issue doesn’t exist but, when browsing day to day, to me it doesn’t seem to be a widespread issue.