FIRST! (hahaha, y'all a bunch second rate losers)

welcome back, my life long friend.

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I haven’t been working on music, lately, but there are many other ways to be creative.
here is one.


sup I guess I’m numero something to post here, interestingtinginting

The place smells like the inside of a new car.

I’m getting a headache from the plastic fumes.

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Does that mean it’s a bad idea to light a match?

That’s a cool sculpture! I’ve been practicing watercolours and, since I realized my underdrawings are the problem, drawing. Drawabox ( tutorials have been fairly helpful to me. Always good to practice fundamentals, I suppose.

I haven’t been here much in general for a long time. Have been concentrating on my music and studies and various other things. The wipe has me coming back to say hi. Hoping the refresh lends a positive path forward (and together) for all of us. (Really digging the new look.) Nice to have a fresh slate sometimes. :+1:


[soundcloud url=“” params=“color=#ff5500&auto_play=false&visual=true” width=“100%” height=“300” iframe=“true” /]

that didn’t seem to work.

Agreed, But I will admit that I do miss the Industrial sub-thread. Other than that, Its different, yet it’s the same! I’m glad to see several familiar faces such as your own.

Feel free to start an Industrial thread in Music Scene chat. We condensed all the genre sub forums to just that space. Genre mega threads are a go!

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Uh, wow! That sculpture looks amazing! What’s it made of?

Btw, hi guys^^

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it is sculpey on a base of aluminum foil.
Sculpey is a type of synthetic clay that can be baked at home in your conventional oven.
it’s great for arts and crafts.

Yeah, I thought it was made of polymer clay. My wife also works with that stuff. Looks reall cool!