Firefox security policy - IDMF website certificate

Hi just to let you know as aFirefox users Im seeing the following, appears on my laptop and desktop so assumming likely for most Firefox users

"Websites prove their identity via certificates. Firefox does not trust this site because it uses a certificate that is not valid for The certificate is only valid for

View Certificate"

Worth seeing if can get fixed just to avoid new users taking a U-Turn.



Pretty sure it’s a self signed cert rather than from a known trusted authority. Often happens when apps are installed - they install one as a default that you can change later. However because they’re not from a trusted source you get the warnings. My guess is that this is the one that comes with Discourse. We’d have to get confirmation from Stu to be sure though.

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Makes sense. It’s only Firefox that throws it up this is on a laptop with no extensions installed AFAIK.
No worries as of you ignore it continues fine. Just warey for new users to the site. All good on explorer. Not checked chrome but again at home it doesn’t throw it up. Cheers roo.

Oh footnote just logged on my phone and trying to copy a link in chrome for something totally uinrelated. Noticed the certificate for something or another ran from Jan 20th 2019 and expired on April 20th 2019 if that helps in anyway what so ever, no errors on android though.

I use a self signed certificate for the Beat Battle archive, and Chrome will show it too sometimes.

I do it because A) official certs certified by a certification authority cost money
and B) self-signed or signed by a certification authority, it still encrypts traffic, which is the main reason I want to use SSL.