Field Recordings! VIDEO EDITION - Yea yours


Yo, So you like to record random shit when you go on vacation. But outside your family and shots of them, area shots don’t really have a home or place in your videos. Record even just 5 seconds of whatever you are or after your family picture, snap 5 seconds of video. Not only can people use this in the community for random video but those audio recordings can be awesome and interesting.

Just saying this because my wife and me are headed out on our first trip since covid happened. Which actually signals 1 year, since this also happens to be our anniversary. My Jazzy/Cyber X video came from fun stuffs. This time I have a newer phone with more capacity. I also have a knock off Action cam. I plan to use both to get some shots, if not additionally sounds from my adventures. We need more field recordings in our lives.

can’t wait to arrive at portland, travel to canon beach, and then seatte. Fun stuff. Hopefullly much more footage than the last time.

So…the long story short, tl;dr…Send your footage to the community. Make stuff with it. It’s still your’s. :slight_smile:)


This is a cool idea. I’d love to submit some stuff as well :slight_smile:

If this thread was based on audio as well as video I’d probably have some stuff to throw up as it is, but I’ve been looking forward to doing all sorts of stuff like this after getting vaccinated, going on trips again, etc


You’re not the only one. ANd thanks for the interest. When the collab release was happening I took a trip up to Portland/Cannon Beach. My video included in the release was from that trip. It was a fun experience. I was able to take “field recording footage” and make a video from it. Not that it was the best, but it was a fun experience. Organic almost, I guess.

But yea, like you, I enjoy recording things. Mainly for the purpose of using it somehow, good or bad. I’m actually taking my next anniversary trip to the same area and headed to Seattle this time. It’s been over a year since I left Austin. I did buy a cheap action cam I intend on taking and have recently upgraded my phone. So I’m hoping between the two I can get some “stock footage” type shit to make another video. I also have my Tascam but I haven’t used it in a long time. I’m hoping the action cam or my phone, while doing some vid stuffs will gather that. We’ll see.

Again, non-professional at this but the process used or not is going to be fun because the intent will be there. Also, like you, I can’t wait to see people out and about. I remember seeing Vlantis on some stuff not too deep into what has happening and thinking, that’d be neat to see and hear.

But if we did it as a community, we could make something really neat, or just have a place for us to all go to do some interesting things.

And apologies, I do sometimes make drunk posts with good intent. Ramble on and forget to come back. I also do the opposite…Post shit that doesn’t make sense.

Also, @xSANTAxDURSTx I don’t know if you’re able to make videos/edits but I know you have some cool photo editing skills. That, to be fair, you could probably use in conjuction with video stuffs.