[Festive ambient] Pop Ambient 2021 compilation (Kompakt Records)

Festive sounds from the bastion of calm… the 21th annual edition of the iconic Pop Ambient compilation on Kompakt Records, curated by Wolfgang “Gas” Voigt…
Happy I could contribute (like in the previous two years) a track to the epic adventure in majestic sounds:

Live act Reich & Würden on flugelhorn & synths:

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Sublime! Although I tend to prefer some more grit in my ambient, this sounds right on the spot for a compilation series like Pop Ambient, which introduced me to dreamy ambient sounds when I first started exploring the genre. Keep it up, Morgen!

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Loving the set approx 43 min

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Big thanks, @delikuvveti and @MFXxx ::genie:

I compiled my favourite tunes from 20 years of Pop Ambient history in two mixes:



2nd: (download enabled, also featuring tracks from the (meanwhile defunct) Pop Ambient sublabel)


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