February Album Writing Month 2020


Another one started I guess. I need to spend the 2nd half of the month really trying to finish these up, I think. Added it to my playlist as well.


I’m done with my EDM/dnb influenced fawm…wont do anymore edits of the tracks…being that I want to move on and start making another glitch ep and take another shot at le woulg vaetxh sound


I hope you use that stuff I replied to the other day. Sounded neat.


@bbb I never got anything…iirc I only did one remix and that was a few years back…unless your talking about in terms of feedback…I confuse…


The stuff i said sounded almost industrial.


Oh you mean the harmor granular destruction of a drum break I posted in the create today thread… I am gonna use it…

also uploaded my fawm to bc to free up space on my sc


Do we need a separate thread for excuses for failing FAWM misarably?
I feel like I could contribute to that thread quite a lot…


I don’t think it was a fail. No matter how many tracks got posted. I personally got a handful from it that I want to try to put together, finish, etc.

And I got to hear some other stuff from people whether it was one or more. IRL is King!


Apologies if this was somehow repeating but, I’m actually attempting to throw some stuff at the forum to see what sticks, so to speak. I think I’ve currently collected 4 or 5 things, but this week might end up with 1 or 2 more, based off my work chilling out for a week, weekend.

I’m seriuosly hoping I complete the projects previously to me touching this idea, and after get done. I might even dump my other project afterwards. Really needs to be seen where I am, I guesss. Nowhere. =D


I think overall was good, mine was a bit of a fail.
But soon I should be able to make public the reason why I failed…


I’ll guess some good ole job action. :wink:


Actually not this time.
One reason was that I switched to an Akai Force and the learning curve was more than I expected, I got lots of tracks to a good stage but none I was happy with.
Second was a slight confusion about how I want to sound.
Third was ‘soon to be not so secret’ thing with Roo and the non-music aspect of it.


ok so febbebruabury ended i hope i’m not the only one with some semblence of an ep thing


Well I did just finish a track, but it’s not an "Automageddon’ track, so that doesn’t even count…


I just “finished” my FAWM project. Ended up with 4 I like, maybe a 5th bit it’s like a 1m thing anyway.

The process was fun and I hope to show it soon. But the best thing is that I get to move on to pulling my Digitakt back out and trying to use it more.

I think that’s my next set of inclusions for my next projects. It must be involved, at some level.

It was a joy to see, read and hear the other projects as well. The others including themselves in the thread and monthly activities, however small or big.

Also, @Auto-meh-geddon even though you say that isn’t an Auto track, it still reads that way. You have your elements in it.