February Album Writing Month 2020


The theme is Neo Tokyo.

Funny you should say that, as everything is played into the sequencer. If you imagine how Geishas walk in those strange clog sandals, is where the rhythm comes from.

Just the usual for me really. No EQ, No compression straight out the machine.


Ok. Figured the rhythm was coming from something specific like.


Knuckled down to recording some vox I’d been working on through the week. Might re-do some of it tomorrow but basically got most of what’s needed for the last track on the EP, subject to Automageddon’s approval of course.

Had fun adding in the detail that’s needed for transitions and other bits and pieces.

This whole thing should hopefully be reasonbly batshit when complete.


Did we all quit and die? lol

I had a strong start but I haven’t music’d in a week : ( (TBH I’ve been crate digging for bangers)


(TBH I’ve been crate digging for bangers)

Is this allowed? I’ve been trying to get my first album put together but it’s slow and steady cause some of the tracks are from last fall since I can only do about 1-2 finished tracks in a month, because of being busy and having to space out the ear fatigue. Yay tinnitus. :smiley:


I have a few going but haven’t posted either. Tested the mix of one of them in the tried and true car speakers and don’t like. So back to the drawing there.


i could herp derp som stuff endlessly but i need sleep and i operate on photosynthesis…so yea dont want to wind up with 30 bad tracks…or totally dominate this fawm thing by posting a crapload of music that i made…i shouldnt be the only one posting…


I was thinking that. Have 2 tracks in progress, but not done any arrangement on them yet. They’re bunched up in the first 8-16 bars of the sequencer, as I’m still doing some primarily stuff on them.


Auto and I have pretty much finished, pending feedback.

We’re working on release-related activities.


And oh, what activities…

On an Automageddon solo side, I have 3 possible tracks in a decent state and last night in bed came up with a nice loop that could be the start of a fourth one.


also im busy learning how to use a basic tracker too so there is that also…

for my other track(s) i think i might do a xanopticon/dnb type thing

and the xanopticon/dnb might be a remix of this^ phill collins song fucking lol…


I can get that done for ya’ll on Friday. Its been a week. …


Track 3. Just a bit of arranging tonight, so it’s quite short ans a general idea. Picked up the pace somewhat.


I may post one tonight, work late but want to get into my project again before bed. If not, one or more over the weekend.

Will try to get some more listening in, before long, from the new stuff added as well.


Yea at this point I think I’m just going to move onto new material. I’d rather generate lots of ideas and finish the best ones after the month is over.


Oh definitely. I wouldn’t cut anything out unless it’s speaking to you but an idea that has some legs that feels it could use a pause too, also good.


Here are 3 tracks I’m adding to my mix. I won’t say they all started after Feb 1st, but they’re definitely for the last week in progression and actually all jacked with tonight.

They’re pretty rough, mix-wise but, again, a direction I’m headed.

Behind this, I may or may not post more but probably not. Will entirely depend on writing something new from scratch.


a idmdnb aka imdb for fawm…i think ive finished track 4 maybe


So, I stretched out track 3 to what will be it’s final length. Will now fill out things, like drums, maybe some samples and the like. so here’s the long and short of it.

@Auto-meh-geddon Looks like you’re going to get a vocal track. Just went back to the other track I’d been working on before this, and thought “This could work with vocals.” It has a Newwave/Punk/Electronic vibe to it. So “Neo Tokyo Dolls” Just gotta write some lyrics now.


fifth one, this might go in the garbage bin