Favicon for site is distorted


Hey everyone,

To me, it seems the favicon for the site might be unintentionally distorted/broken here, in chrome on win10 I am seeing this,


if I was to try and fix it myself, I would maybe make it look like this


This just looks better I think. I believe the issue is whatever is being used as the favicon image for the site has a lot of empty space to the right of it. I noticed this with the main icon for the site I used to generate the favicon with.

Here is the favicon folder I have generated with https://favicon.io/

If you guys have a different idea on how to fix, here is the edited IDMF picture I used to generate the fixed favicon with,


Thanks in advance,


Update, I think cropping more whitespace out of the image helped with making a better favicon,


link is here,

better cropped image used to generate favicon is here,


Thanks in advance,


I was wondering what that was, I thought it was just left blank. On my laptop, I still have the black peg person icon thing as my fave, everywhere else it’s just the white square.