Fabfilters 40% off

all the stuff, thru May 1st.


nice. Their Pro-Q is one of the best EQ plugins out there (if not best)

Yeah, usability and flexibility is great. Pro-Q 3 was a good update too with the dynamic EQing.
Same for Pro-MB and especially for Pro-R, a great reverb for sound design and fitting stuff into a mix because of the frequency-specific decay rates. The other FF plugins are great too, but these three find their way into nearly all of my projects…

[/fanboy mode]

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hmmmmm. now i want the reverb.

Fuck all that shit. you all need to buy Saturn STAT. Best shit ever…given that timeline I might have to grab it myself. You can practically use Saturn as an EQ anyway…

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Haha yeah Saturn is awesome, too. the delay is not that bad, either. And the synth is old but has a few tricks! ^^

Its all good really. But if I had to pick ONE (given what I own already). Saturn is indispensable.

Sorry for that lol. But it IS good ^^

Not sure what I would go with. I think Pro-R. But I get a lot of use out of the other Fab effects too…

I guess for me it is that I’m happy with almost everything I have currently, but nothing does saturation and light distortion like Saturn does, considering what I own is all. Fabfilter is the tits, for sure, and all around.

Yeah it’s great for some soft saturation! My thoughts are that I could make something similar, even though maybe not as good sounding, with an audio effect rack, frequency splitting and other saturation effects, but I can’t replicate the frequency-specific decay curve in Pro-R with anything else.