Experimental Rock


I feel like I’m opening the same threads over and over again but here we go, I’ve discovered so many great experimental rock artists in the past month I feel like I should share and I know some of you peeps must have great recommendations too

Northern Spy records is home of some of the greatest bands I’ve heard, one of the most well known might be Horse Lords (whose latest album is great btw)
I discovered these two bands lately,
Zs which experiments with a blend of silence, electronics and math rock

and Cloud Becomes your Hand, a band with Guerilla Toss former bass player Simon Hanes. I love some humour in my experimental whack rock. Deerhoof-ish in some parts.

will post regularly


Will also post regularly


Some more of that repetitive off beat rock

I found out about that band following the lead from Noxagt. Same weird tonalities and saturated guitars, more on the heavy side though

and then some absurd math jesus lizard


A friend told me about this experimental folk rock band. Intricate song structures, absurd lyrics. A sort sonic youth / deerhoof perfect meld

another album, “the funeral pudding” has banjo and viola on it and sounds like drunk music

Reminds me at times of Dan Melchior, which I love for his earnestness and cheap sound though I’m not sure he’s fully aware of what he’s doing


One comment on the bandcamp page says “If you like completely whack experimental math rock, Yowie is the band to go to.” Damn right, that’s totally my jam


not 100% sure the difference between rock, and just experimental music is, but i’ll play along…

as I do love experimental everythang!

I’ll bring over more from someone I listed in “madness”

melt banna

xui xui:

I’ve often dubbed these guys as the godfathers/pioneers of the Psychedelic rock/experimental rock


John Zorn & Naked City

Lightning Bolt:

Wesley Willis is hard to categorize… some call him punk some call him a outsider, I like to think of him as experimental rock:


if it’s got guitars and drums, it’s rock. simple
super fan of most of the things you posted. I had a melt-banana retrospective just last month. Charlie and Teeny Shiny are incredible albums.

and now some saxophone rock



this is gonna be awesome
love love records is apparently the home of sly & the family drone now, which adds rep to that already great record label


cool garage no wave duo from Derby, UK

gotta love those one-note basslines


very cool variety of post-whatever with some noisy bits, some mathematical riffs, some vocal layering goodness and even a saxophone


total ear assault


Thank you for sharing.


Yes, they have a very interesting style, the vocal sounds like Black sabbath though.


I hardly hear the banjo at all.


The visuals on the sixth one looks very cool.



Thank you for sharing. I truly enjoyed listening to this tracks.