Everything about politics in the context of pokemon

Right so bear with me…

Ash saw a ho oh in the like the beginning of pokemen before pokemon gold and silver came out on gameboy color which means the company behind pokemon had a plan for all pokemon and new pokemon yet to be made public.

They come up with new designs for pokemon to roll out everyone few years to appeal to the next generations as the previous generations lose interest and move on.

In school i felt like the cool kids were the ones that had limited edition rare pokemon cards to play with as card games with friends. But now when i search on ebay…they are virtually useless worthless collectables.

A few years back they pokemon released a pokemon go app that was all the craze for a while but then it was like lame and got hacked and all that stuff.

Some pokemon were more common than others and the various mythos were inconsistent becuase there where different narratives… behind the pikablue scandal which was that pikablue was not pikachu evolved further investigation after a few years revealed that it was a false flag operation and that the pikablue cult was duped into believing in the supremacy of a water pokemon that was supposed to be an electric type.

And then there was the whole mew and mewtwo fiasco of which the content of the games didnt line up with the movies…but the people ate it all up…

And the games on gameboy were a ripoff…cause in order for you to catch them all you had to buy the different games and another gameboy and trade with yourself to get all the pokemon because certain pokemon were only available to people who bought certain editions of the game…

And there was the glitch hax pokemon in the 90s when you able to max out all pokemon to level 99 in order to beat the pokemon league and become pokemon champion…the glitch pokemon was a hax to get all your pokemon to lvl 99…

Some people were all the cult of pikachu some were the cult of mewtwo etc…it was hero worship at its best and worst.

They also tried to introduce new gimmicks like pokemon breeding but what i didnt get is how different pokemon mating yielding only a certain species of pokemon instead of a combined mutant fusion pokemon…it didnt make sense and was wierd bro…like super wierd…

But with these gimmicks throughout the years and the time that has passed the pokemon havent aged well because of longtime exposure to this market…tbh i mean it had its run and im suprised if the pokemon company is still in business but yeah…i guess with ryan reynolds as detective pikachu that must be sign that pokemon are still going strong and might make a comeback in a few years…who knows…

But yeah gotta catch em all…like in the show is a young mans game.

I always liked Crazy Bones more than Pokemon for some reason. They had no lore or movies, but when I was a kid I was pretty sure they’d create a whole universe out of them. Unfortunately, none of that ever happened :frowning:

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Remember magic the gathering i never played but thought there was some unifying lore that surrounded it but nope it was just a card game.

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Pokemon is the single most successful media franchise ever. The games still sell (I still play some of them). They are trying new stuff with regards to the games (they just released their first 3-d open world pokemon this year), the movie wasn’t a win but it was something new for Pokemon. Pokemon go is still doing well (a couple of LAPD officers got fired last year for playing on duty), it’s just not making headlines all the time anymore. I think you’re right in that they are making new pokemon to appeal to new players, and those don’t really appeal to me. I played Sword, which is the most recent new one, and didn’t really like it. I like the first 3-4 generations, after that I didn’t play for a while so I lost touch with the newer ones. But then they did a remake of Diamond/Pearl last year and I enjoyed that one quite a bit, that was the last one I played as a kid.

I’m sure the show is still on and I’m sure I don’t want to ruin it for myself.

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Last i heard pokemon were able to evolve using an x/y stones…it is even in the series.