End Quote - Duality [Full Ep]


Hey Everyone.
It has been a minute since I’ve been around these areas. I’m very happy to come back with an EP which I’ve had the honor to work with White Noise to mix/master. I’m quite happy with the start of this new project called End Quote (for those of you who knew me before as Qianta). I really hope that you enjoy this EP. Leave a comment so I can see who is still in here :slight_smile:


or listen to it on Bandcamp or Youtube.


Really nice work Q! Super chilled atmospheric pads and deep melodies mixed with fast driving beats and some acid and vocals sprinkled over it. I think you are developing a nice original style with this. Also, great job on the mixing and mastering by White Noise as is to be expected!


Reminds me a lot of Analord, but if it was made with Rich’s earlier synth palette. Quality stuff mate.


thanks guys :]


i liked all the moving parts in the arrangement and how it unfolded as the track evolved. interesting combo of smooth synth which morphed into a driving toe tapping beat. Nice.