Emmanuel.d reintroduction circa 2006

Hi !

I am a vintage user from 2006. Old account was emmanuel.d.

I lost my badges :’(

I am 32, I live deep down in the countryside of Brittany, France.

I study electronic music in my lair since 2000.

Big break since a few years, my old computer was barely able to handle Chrome and I was busy as hell.

New computer, new life

I used to be into almost every genre of electronic music to study before 2013 ; after, I focused on the dark & experimental side of the psychedelic scene during five years until it bored me to death.

Today I have finally a home, a rockass computer, fine speakers, and time. (Don’t laugh, I either had one of the four during last five years but never everything at once) Broke as hell but I really don’t care : I make music again ! It nourishes me.

Hopefully there’s still loads of great information here, and still nice people !

Have a nice day !

PS : Is there a backup somewhere ? Did I write 1200 posts to the Void ?


Hello matey, welcome back :slight_smile:

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Welcome back!

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Good to have you back. There is no back up of the old site.

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The void compels you

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Thank you !

Very nice to see you again my dudes !

Great to be back and still see the good old important threads, shitpost & gear porn included.

See you around :wink: