EmBer - Untitled

Hi. My forum name is bbb. My IDMF artist name has been Bx3 and Cyber X. My duo mate is JVs(will edit) Jhon Von Skream and Semmath, also a member of the forum.

We started a project about a year ago. A collabortive one. And by doing so, we recreated our names into a new pseudonym. s’Em’math…cy’Ber’ x. Making EmBer. While initially this felt like the hardest thing we could have done, we then had to deal with the back and forth of different workflows and work schedules. We won’t say our music is anything more than a shade of ourselves and we didn’t complete the project how we saw fit but we did have a lot of fun attempting the project.

Which if I were to say anything besides take a listen, I would ask you to tool around with another member on the site. Whether it be one song, a remix, a full album project. Take the chance and work with someone you respect or enjoy the music of locally, here.

Without delay, here is a link to what we were able to come up:

EmBer - Untitled


alright took a quick listen I liked some of the tracks the heavy drums worked real well for some…nice blend of chillout/idm/industrial…however some of the tracks dont fit in with the others the almost noise ones to be specific…despite this the sound design is good and some of the tracks carry…I will give a more in depth listen later…but for now those are my first impressions… cheers guys

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