Embedded link problem for Beat Battle


Hi everyone,
sorry to bother but I’ve tried everything and nothing works.
I have posted my embed link for Beat Battle 108 on the forum right page, but the player doesn’t show (I have tried both a soundcloud and a youtube link, it don’t work anyway).
I’ll attach a screenshot of what everybody sees in the post and the code i have copied and pasted, and you will see that there’s nothing wrong in the code.
Tried on 2 different PC, on 2 different browser and even on a smartphone, nothing changed.
Did a lot of search on the web and nothing came up to me, seems like is not a common problem.
Please, if someone can help I’ll be forever gratefull, I don’t know how else to try
Thank you!


It’s simpler than that, just paste your standard or private link

Remove spaces
https ://m.soundcloud.com/automageddon/a-song-for-chris-stuck-in


Thank you so much!
I did it before but from the web browser and it didn’t allow me, now I have done it on mobile and it works!
So kind, thank you and best wishes