Embeddable hearthis.at widget?


Any way to make hearthis.at tracks embeddable?


They used to be. Don’t know if something changed at the hearthis.at end. I’ll have a nosey.


Looks very broken. I’ll come back to this at random as I also use hearthis.at and I’ve found it irritating myself it has stopped working.


SoundCloud is about to implement a 15 track limit for free accounts, which will surely cause a mass exodus from that sinking ship. Hearthis.at is probably the next best thing and I think it’ll soon become more important to have their widget embeddable.

Any luck with this?


Well, that’s BS. I already have a plan to get around that, and I’m going to do it just to stick it to them.

Upload all your old tracks as one big mix the maximum size they allow, and comment at the start of each track with the track name. I’m not paying for SC. I’ll get serious on youtube, where they have an even bigger audience and no BS upload limits of any kind.


And RE the hearthis widget, idk, let’s do a few quick tests of some of the other options besides soundcloud.



Looks like both need some work. I’ll get with the Audius guys and see what they can do, they’re pretty responsive. Gonna be a bit of a delay as I’m behind on like 4 other things right now, but it’s on the list.


There is also a 3h limit to uploads to keep in mind.
I haven’t paid for SC since they deleted all the groups, but I still use it all the time for private uploads of WIPs. An idea for releases is to just use multiple accounts, if you don’t want to abandon SC completely. For example, for the Kallisti Remix Compilation release, I just made a completely new account: https://soundcloud.com/kallisti-compilation
Only 14 tracks, so no prob, but not good for releases with more than 15 obviously lol :wink:


Not an issue for the label as we pay for SC pro, but for me personally, this is just pushing me to another platform. I wish I could take the easy way out and just pay for pro, but I can’t justify the expense. That’s 1/10 of an MPC live right now while on sale.


I’m still mostly angry about SC destroying the groups tbh. It’s like some organization took over the world and provided nice little houses and seaside villages for everybody. “Oh, sure, you can pay us so you can visit other villages faster, but you don’t have to!” Then one day, they come in and destroy everything, just like that and tell you to go live in a small apartment in a grey block where nobody will ever find you :wink:
“Do you want to give us more money so we can implement more of our great ideas?” No thanks.


I like brutalist architecture and I’d still hate that. LOL. But yeah architecture is kinda OT. I reached out to Audius last night, they’re kinda flooded with feature requests right now, but other people are asking for the same thing, saying you can’t share a link with people they’ll never click it, it has to be an embed. So hopefully they get on that sooner than later.