Eliot Humberto Kavee odd drumming

Eliot Humberto Kavee is a guy who forces himself to hear odd meters over regular ones because it’s fun. This interview in modern drummer is a bit hard to get into, but the little you get from it is surely already worth it


He’s played with henry threadgill’s zooid project, in which instrumentists and drummers play in different meters because fuck a downbeat

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I wonder how this sounds outside the context of jazz? If I had a daw I’d try lol, sounds really interesting

You don’t have a daw? Not a single daw? Whyyyy

you’d have to use it as part of a break or something, I guess. It works in Threadgill’s music because it’s written so you never really know where the 1 is. Most melodies start on the and of 1, it’s very syncopated.

Mulling over it some more I think the thing here I’m wondering now is this? May be a naive question, but if they are playing different meters wouldn’t they eventually cycle based on the meters used to the common down beat again? 3/4 and 5/4 would meet on every 15th beat, 3/4 4/4 every 12th, 7/4 and 4/4 every 28th, 7/4 and 5/4 every 35th, etc.

yeah that would be the case if each part was in one meter all along.

I’ve been experimenting with something similar to what Kavee’s talking about, I tried to switch from quarter notes to triplets of quarter notes (so that’s three quarter notes inside a half note… basically a three against two polyrythm), and then used those quarter notes as the basis of a 4/4 beat at a slightly faster tempo than the one I started with… pretty subtle shit man yeah