[Electronic rock] with iPad

This is my first full recording built starting on electronic elements mainly iOS apps.

Longer explanation below.

We were a three piece rock band but when our drummer moved last summer, we decided to try an electronic setup. We initially looked at Ableton, but thought a laptop was overkill for just wanting electric drums, bass, and a few samples.

Since then we’ve gotten a live set put together with Modstep and the iPad as a sequencer.

We decided we should record one of them. Some venues want video demos around here and, we didnt have one of our new electro incarnation.

We thought it would be fun to make it as an How it Is Made esque video- fun for our very folk, rock, jazz (non-electro sounds) friends to see.

Just the iPad part is so exciting to me. Much of the sequencing and sound making, I did on the subway. And with the simple board you see with an iPad, usb hub, Uno Synth, and Akai keyboard we can have drum, bass, and synths I can play and tweak on the fly in a myriad of ways. Only had a couple shows so far but it is a heck of a lot of noise to make with such small number of humans on stage. :slight_smile: And no drums to carry.

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