[Electronic] Roboticist - Sounds From The Lab (Album)


[Mixed Genre | Electronic / EDM / Disco / Nudisco / Ambient | 16 + 5 Tracks]

  1. Cybernetic Dreamscape
  2. Cyber Symphony
  3. Retro Resonance
  4. Party On Another World
  5. Unknown World
  6. Breathable Atmosphere
  7. Disco Droid
  8. Taming The Beast
  9. Hey OpenPilot!
  10. Offworld Exchange
  11. Take Me to Your Dance Floor feat. Tina Ferinetti
  12. Transformation (2022)
  13. Robot Funk (2020)
  14. Happy Killer
  15. My Robot Love
  16. Effectual Delineation

Bonus Tracks

  1. Ablukanın Ölümü (Death of the Blockade) (2017)
  2. Robomelodic (2021)
  3. Robot Christmas
  4. Pokemon Lavender Town [Roboticist Remix] (2011)
  5. Pokemon Gym Leader Battle [Roboticist Remix] (2014)


More Info:
This is my first ever album, comprised of various genres including rock, pop, nudicso, synthwave, ambient and other electronic styles.

The theme is a scientist who creates robots on another world, or in space, or both. These robots usually like to dance.

Thanks for listening!


I’ve been working on this album all day and I can’t even meet my own deadline lol. Still have 4 hours until midnight so maybe I can get it finished up by then.

Edit: well it ain’t happening tonight lol


It’s finally done! Updated the post with the SoundCloud playlist, not including the bonus tracks because they’re already on SoundCloud and I want to just focus on the main 16 tracks.

I might make some minor adjustments to the mastering of a couple songs but then it’s up to the wide release first thing tomorrow.


Hey man,

Congrats on releasing your first album!


Thank you! It’s scheduled for release everywhere music is sold on January 19th. I only included 11 tracks in the wide release because I wasn’t happy with Bring Me To Your Dance Floor and a couple others, and I don’t usually like to go back and continue working on old stuff so I’m moving along lol