[Electronic/Psychedelic] Psyber - I Am Becoming

So, after all these years and scrapping over 100 tracks, I’ve got something together I’m pretty happy with

So, here you go, my first full album



Something I did not anticipate is that I’d cry having listened through it after posting it

I channeled a lot of emotions into my music over the years: rage, darkness, malice, happiness, hate, ecstasy, sadness and self-loathing

And I’ve developed as a person throughout it… I Am Becoming


Just listened to the first track. Blown away! Beautiful piano playing. Can’t wait to dig into the rest.

Edit: Also, I’ve moved this to the Member Releases section.

Thank you. That means a lot :slight_smile:

Congrats! First album is a big win, that’s awesome. :slight_smile: Excited to check it out.

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