[Electronic] NOTICE - "Level"

I am very excited to announce that the music project I have been pouring myself into since 4/20/2019 is ready to go public for the first time:

[[ Notice ]]

Along with my bandmate Quinn, I have worked tirelessly to shape and bring our sound to your ears for the very first time. This Fat Tuesday, in celebration of Mardi Gras 2020, in this amazing city of New Orleans, we give you our very first single: “Level”.

We have made so much MORE music that we are stoked to bring to you, so I’ll take this moment to build some hype by saying this single is a preview for our upcoming EP titled NOTICE - “Fire”. It is a collection of songs that are very special to us, and we are close to finishing it.

This is one of my favorite projects I’ve ever worked on and I am beyond elated to finally give a piece of it to the world.

visual art by Tangential Thought @tangential_art (Instagram) <---- formerly User “Permutated” here on IDMf :wink:

thank you for listening.


A time of seeing true
a view I had to wait for
in the world I move

weeks and
months of feeling low
lost and misdirected then
remembered what I know

dark place
shadows only take
love you want to mold
pulling undertow

the reason you are here
you only hate yourself
then you disappear

new light
hits me when I wake
haven’t felt the the sun
in over seven days

hang tight
always a way out
making sacrifices
words for singing loud