[electronic breakbeat IDM] Damian Concrete - Heaven or Darkness EP


Hi IDMf folks! I have some new music for you to listen to : a two track EP called Heaven or Darkness. This one is very personal, in the way that it’s about mental diseases and making it was like an outlet for me.

Here are some words on the EP :

Damian Concrete is back with his fourth EP and his second for Parmenides Records after “Harmony // Stigma” in 2021: “Heaven or Darkness EP”.

Continuing on his themes of predilection of introspection and mental illness, the release contains two tracks full of desperation and urgency. First with “Heaven or Darkness” he delivers a prominent sound design work on his voice mixed with catchy breakbeats and ethereal synth.

Then in “Nobody Drowns Quickly”, he takes a more experimental vibe with a first half guided by celestial leads, until the ambiance goes on a darker side with a perturbing voice sample backed by oppressing breaks.

“Heaven or Darkness EP” is out 3rd November 2023 on Bandcamp and all the usual platforms.

I hope you’ll like it!


Production sounds great, and I really loved that drumbeat on the first track. I also dig that dark hypnotic vibe on the 2nd track. Good shit!