[Electronic] 1roomstudio - Audacity

Two of the pieces on this go back almost ten years and conceptually they have some overlap with stuff I was doing in the 80’s.(Wow! that’s OLD!)

1st Born Trip is intentionally in the same vein and was the first WIP I posted on the old (RIP!) IDM forum. I definitely owe the forum for the polish on that piece. Thank you!

First time posting a link to an Album… hope it works.



Congratulations on your release Mark! Know it’s been out for a while, and I failed to get in touch to tell you I truly dig it man!

The minimal styles and acoustic instrumentation mixed with touches of electronic music, sets a new pallet that people should sit down and gobble up!

Nice EP man! Some really awesome textures and cool atmosphere in there. Dig the hybrid instrumentation. How long did you work on this for? thanks for sharing! totally rad.

Good job with this release! I like the feel of these tracks, I like your sound design, the ambient feeling of the whole album, which is quite my thing. And oh, the mix sounds quite good as well!

What I like less, is a lack of coherence across the whole thing - each track seems like a different, separate world, and I’m not sure if they work well together (or at least - track 1 with 2 are different extremes, whereas 1 and 4 feel quite coherent).

Anyway - keep on doing your thing!

Mark, can you extrapolate a bit on your allegiance to Audacity? (Not hating)

Truly kind words… I was hesitant to post because the concept (and execution) was a bit raw… but I felt like the ideas were clear enough …

Thank you…

Three of the tracks are the first pieces I ever produced using software. Someone suggested I download Audacity and I made Pluck and Drum in about two hours.

Rock Twist and A Majic each took about 6 or 8 hours. First Born - Trip took about 12 or 16 hours over several days… with help from the forum … Thank You IDM forum!

Thank you for the feedback. It’s true… the pieces were not in any way meant to go together. They ended up together because they all use Audacity exclusive for recording, mixing, and some elements of sound design. The basic concept for all of them is minimal use of tools.

They came out of the same box called Audacity… so I put them in the same box called Audacity…

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I think it’s great when people use open source tools to great effect

It’s only because it was the first piece of music recording/editing software I was exposed to…

I did a lot of analog tape recording and studio effects in the 80’s and 90’s. Then I stopped for a long time; then… a friend introduced me to Audacity.

I was impressed by the simple “tool box” organization and intuitive logic to it.

Then I paid $5.99 for GarageBand for my IPad… that was a revelation. So much you can do with One finger!

Now… thanks to the wise counsel of the forum, I’m exploring Reaper… it’s awesome… I have a lot of work to do.

I’d rather do a lot with a little than a little with a lot…