[electro rock] Foglings - Polyurethane

New Foglings video: an ode to friendship and skateboarding and a reflection on loss.

This is the first song I originally wrote with electronic drums. Others I may have shared here started with a live drummer, or were originally acoustic or similar. Learned a lot from this forum, so thanks y’all.

Most of the percussion is from iPad apps, the various Ruismakers. Other iPad contributions from Virsyn Tera synth in the solo. Other percussion from field recorded sounds and Tremor VST. Originally constructed in MIDI in iOS w/ Modstep. Audio recorded, mixed, and mastered in Reaper. Guitar is a PRS through Amplitube. Additional hardware synths included Moog Sirin, Moog SubPhatty and Boog Model D. Thorn vst does that metallic synth in the verses.


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but no words how did you make the video? :smile:

Great job.

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Video was a pretty simple affair. Much of it in one afternoon/evening just going to a couple places in town to film me and some other kids skating. The old photos are from me and friends when I was a teen. There is a little royalty free stock skating footage, just because I was editing and came to find I didn’t have enough.

The paint part is just like green screening but using whatever color from the paint in the water. Then shot a little in NYC because I was there for a baby shower ha! Just seemed to be a better visual contrast with Tennessee and where I live now, Washington D.C. without adding iconic D.C. stuff that took away from the story board point of just ‘distance.’

Some of this video, including of me skating, was shot by my son. Significant because lol he is 5 years old.