[EDM - various] ARJRA (Jayson) - War & Aftermath

I recently finally released my first proper album.
Proper in that it was made with the mind of being an album and was my first go at engineering an album’s worth of content to fit together.

The blurb is:
“WAR & AFTERMATH is an instrumental electronic music story about war, the sorrow that follows it, and finding a way to carry onward.The album is an exploration of house, break beat, orchestral, and pop influences.”


5 songs.
March of Mars: 6:13
Sorrow of Loss: 4:30
Burying the Lost: 7:09
Refinding Hope: 5:34
We Will Live (We Are Alive)*: 5:01

*note: We Will Live (We Are Alive) first appeared on IDMF 058 release.

I have been, and will be, covering each song in a deep-dive exposition on a blog (I titled Magrathea) I’ve started writing over at Muse Songwriters (trying the place out…it’s interesting - not very EDM though, so I don’t know if I’ll stick around there or not…).

Still not sure if I’m going to dive into digital monetization distribution on this or not (probably not, but maybe).


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