Dune part 2

So yeah the movie…

I thought it was tight.

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Going tomorrow. Should be fun


Haven’t seen either of them yet but will be seeing at Sydney IMAX hopefully in the near future. Gotta find time to watch part one first.


I re-watched the first part 3 times this week. I love them.

It was pretty good although, somehow, it felt rushed in places.

In terms of pure entertainment/IMAX spectacle, you can’t do better than that. Some crazy good sound design as well.

I kept thinking it’s wild how Moebius (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jean_Giraud) inspired the visuals. He would certainly have approved.

If you’re into sci-fi and you’ve read the The Incal series (https://jodoverse.fandom.com/wiki/The_Incal), it’s very obvious when you see the House Harkonnen.

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I concur

Well, i watched part one at home and then the next day went to Sydney IMAX to see part two. What an awesome spectacle of audiovisual achievement. Im now a fan, gimmie all the lore!

Also, Hans Zimmer - The modern day braaaahms, lol.


Waiting to watch at home. I think all the film/TV iterations capture something well from the books.

Considering so much of the books take place inside the characters own minds, its just difficult to translate on screen.

I think the newest version did a damn good job fwiw.


Dune 2 was better than dune 1…

Me waits to see about dune 3

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Both movies are beautifully filmed and capture the visuals of the dune world. I do feel like there’s a weird transition from book to film, the films feel a little offwith timing and slower than most films like this. But overall I do like them and feel like it’s the best outcome possible. I liked the first film best.

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